9th - Scott Redding - 1:29.941 (60 laps completed)


Phillip Island. Second test day.

9th - Scott Redding - 1:29.941 (60 laps completed)

I'm satisfied with today's work. I found confidence with the bike and tires and every time I went out with the new tire I was able to improve my time. I preferred to focus on my riding style, trying to improve lap after lap without working too much on set up. I'm also happy with my final crono despite a couple of mistakes. At the end of the session I lapped first in 1:30.0, then 1:29.9. I did increase the tire pressure: this led me to improve in some parts of the circuit but in the last two corners I lost a bit the front and I left a few cents on the track. This, however, means that there is room for improvement.



14th - Danilo Petrucci - 1:30.156 (63 laps completed)

Yesterday we were first and very please to start season with these feelings...

First official test of 2016 MotoGp season ends up with an other Top 10: Petrux 7th, Scott 9th

Comments of thr riders Danilo Petrucci №9 and Scott Redding Скотт Реддинга №45