Season 2009


Dear Nadia, dear Natasha, do you remember when I meet you for the first time, in march 2008 in Misano? You was like two wet chicks, happy to be there and hafing fun riding, but afraid about the foreign ambient, the new circuit, the crazy italian riders that always think to be Valentino Rossi when they ride and Rodolfo Valentino when they walk in the paddock…

One mounth later, in april, always in Misano, the situation was even worst. You where there for the first race in European Female Championship 2008 and the ambient was not so friendly: fevery time you entered in the circuit it was full of fucking fast “tigers”! It was terrible to see you both out of the race sunday because of the bad lap time in qualyfing…

I remember that just while you was crying, I asked you two things:

1)     Do you really want to do motorciclysm as a sport?

2)     Are you ready for an hard training program?

“Yes”, you both answered in one voice!


не прошли...

“Yes, Yes, Yes…!!!!” it was the only word that me, and all Yakhnich/SMI team, was able to say at the end of last race of Italian Femal Championship 2009! But we where not crying this time. All of us was happy and smiling!

Natasha, You did not saw the beginning of this “party” because you was finishing your best overall race in fifth position, with a race rithm more than 20 second a lap (yes, you well understand!) faster than one year before, and only 5 second a lap slower than the winner!

Exactly the result i promised you and nadia could be achieved at the end of the season 2009 when you answered “Yes” to my questions one year  before.


Dear “Natashow”: YES, you had an astonishing season. Step by step, guided by your  riflessive  character, you obtained what we both wanted. During this year we worked together you demonstrated the great intelligent and rational level of your riding: I know that You need to understand every little detail of riding and race technic before apply it. Every time we are ready for a race week-end, I’m sure that I will never see you doing something you have not mentally “processed, prooved and accepted”.

Наташа, Ассен, старт (плачет)

You always ask, you always listen, you always think, test and act!  I know that often this process needs time. But on the other side I can be sure that the result suner or later will arrive! I’m not surprised, like all other girls of the championship, about your final results. This is the results of a great intelligence applyed with an hard mental work.

If you look to your laptimes and to your race results you could think “WOW” like all your 2008 competitors that now are 4-5 second slower than you think. But I say: “OK, now finally we can start to have fun…

Dear Nata, YES, Now, after this season in wich you gained the respect of competitors and the believing in yourself, I promise you a 2010 with more and more satisfations. You know that the key poit of your season was the summer trainings we had in Mugello and Misano. There, especially in the fast corners of Mugello, you understood what I mean when I ask you: “brake less, let bike enter fast into the corner, use legs, etc, etc”. There the “wet chick” became a real rider. And from that point, from the incredible smile you had at the end of last race, we will sun start to built the better 2010 season you can image. Bring again to Italy your wonderful legs, and the team will teach you how to use it to win, not only to let all paddock say WOWWW!



YES Tiger. Maybe you don’t believe me, but even your season was astonishing! Do you remember your starting point? Do you remember Brno, october 2008? We where in your favourit circuit, and that time your performance was incredible! After few mounth of work togheter you had already forgot all the problem of your past, all crashes, all accident, and you where ready to star to be a real rider. Trhen the crash in Brno cutted you the wings… january, febraury, all winter it was necessary only to came back to walt and came back to seat on the bike. But your sensitive and instinctive soul was not in the perfect condition to ride. You are different from natasha. As she do, you ask, listen and do, when we work, b ut sometinmes your soul is absent. The real Nadia is not always with us. Especially when your sensibility is concentrated in other thinking.

Надя и Клаудио

When the real Nadia is with us (like in the last training we had in Brno this year, or like the race in magione, do you remember?), immediatly we recognize it from your eyes… and from results…

When the real Nadia is with us, it is difficoult even for me to follow you inside the corners! Fucking fast and instintive, facking leaning, fucking beauty to see you dance inside the corners with that naturality…

Facking difficoult for everyone, facking easy for you…

As I always said, and as you perfectly understood, you do easy the real difficolut part of riding, and sometimes you are absent in the easier thing to do because your mind is not always sure it is the good moment to ride.

Your season was the most difficoult I ever saw: forst the recovering from accident, than the other crash in vallelunga, then the good results, then the big temperature in two of the last races, then the very good summer training… Your body and your soul had to win many many difficoulties… and you won! Do you know how? With an incredible instinctive and beautiful overtake i saw you doing in the circuit that broke your work at the end of last year… Do you remember that training? Yes, your season 2010 will start from that image… Can you image when you can arrive joining your sensitive soul with your sensitive riding?

Think about that… all winter, please!!!!

Thank's both of you for your great results!!!

Наташа, Клаудио, Надя



Merry Christmas!!!

Dear friends! We wish you merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


In December the world famous magazine Playboy with Nadia Yakhnich’s photo session and interview came out in Italy!