In December the world famous magazine Playboy with Nadia Yakhnich’s photo session and interview came out in Italy! The point is that the owner of the Italian Playboy is seriously interested in motor sport and during one of the stages in Italy he turned to our racer and suggested a photo session with her participation for the magazine. After some time of deep thought and hesitation Nadia agreed.

Nadia Yakhnich: “I thought: Why not, if my body is worth it? I look after myself and above all it is a good opportunity to rectify a wrong stereotype that women-racers are absolutely manlike and asexual sportswomen. I think there is nothing immoral in it, and on the whole I am not a supporter of conservative ideas.

An erotic photo session of high quality is not pornography. For such a respectable and authoritative magazine as Playboy there is not such a notion as vulgarity. Generally speaking, the Italians can appreciate beauty and Italian men show great respect to women which is not, by the way, Russian men’s strong point. For example, the photo-team consisted of men only. Of course at first I was confused, but they were so polite! It is unbelievable! There wasn’t any vulgarity, my body was regarded as a product, an object of art which is beautiful and requires right image and good lighting. As for the readers there cannot be either vulgar or insulting comments, so I don’t worry about it at all. I am unlikely to have accepted this invitation in Russia.  Speaking about my private life I can tell that my family gave me all their support, my husband was present at the photo session. As for my image chosen by the stylists they didn’t want any aggression at all. There isn’t any bike in the photos! It is a typical session in Playboy’s exclusive style – very delicate, full of sunlight and air. I had a very natural make-up (I practically didn’t have it at all), lace silk lingerie …Some pictures were taken in a castle, the others – out of doors in the country-style, there was sand and dust around and the sunset behind me. Very beautiful! But this magazine cannot be found in Russian shops because it is exclusively Italian”.





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The award ceremony: the top -class evening - the class photo album

The ceremony which took place in the Cinema “Kodak Cinema World” didn’t look like a strict official event.