Trofeo Italiano Amatori Award Ceremony

Awarding of Trofeo Italiano Amatori winners and participants took place in Florence (Casagrande township). The pilots “Yakhnich Motorsport” were invited to the ceremony which was visited by Natasha Lyubimova. The Russian racers had time to catch the fancy of the Italian audience and colleagues especially as because only three girls fought against men in the frames of the Championship this season. The organizers of Trofeo Amatori traditionally do their best to create very positive atmosphere of the event and award maximum racers with commemorative cups. The pilot of the team “Yakhnich Motorsport” Natasha Lyubimova has taken the 4th place in the class “Base 600” in the category “Over 35” this year and she is sure that next season she and Nadya Yakhnich will perform more successfully.

Наташа Любимова

Natasha Lyubimova: “The event was just wonderful! The township where the ceremony took place belongs to one well-to-do Italian family. The host – Cesare Luccioli is an old friend of Daniele Alessandrini – the organizer of Trofeo. Dr. Luccioli resumed here wine and olive oil production, built a hotel and a restaurant having fully reproduced the ancient colour: tremendous architecture of the buildings, picturesque sculptures…The banquet for the Trofeo racers was great! A real gastronomic extravaganza! The awarding itself took place in 4 classes. Though Trofeo Amatori is considered to be an amateur championship, the level of its racers is very high.

It is pleasant to mention that the cups weren’t presented only to the winners but also to other racers who had shown their worth in the race. For example, the public was struck by two sportsmen Umberto Lisanti and Marco Zani one of whom lacks an arm and the other lacks one arm and one leg. For their strong will for victory they got special prizes. The loud applause of their race-mates didn’t stop for a long time!!!!

It is also great that all the racers were given a chance to say some words. Of course, I took advantage of this opportunity! I thanked heartedly Daniele Alessandrini – the president of the championship organizing moto-club, his team and all the racers who had been just “belissimo” to compete with! It goes without saying that I made special mention of our coach Claudio Corsetti for his patience because it isn’t easy to work with girls. I hope that next season Nadya and I will make him rejoice at our victories more than once!”

Photos are possible to watch here.



Happy Birthday to You, Maxim Kyselev!

On the frosty first day of the winter the team “Yakhnich Motorsport” congratulates its coach, pilot and technical director Maxim Kyselev on his Birthday!

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The blog of the team “Yakhnich Motorsport” is reinforced with one more author! Now the champion of Russia 2010 (STK-600) Sergey Vlasov