MotoExpert, March 2011

Nadia Yakhnich and Natasha Lubimova carried out tests of the legendary scooters “Vespa” and took part in a conceptual photo-session, having integrated an ultra-modern image of a charming racer with some notes of the Past carried by these world-famous Italian scooters with several-decade history. The results of the test and the photo-session are published in the latest issue of the magazine "MotoExpert".

Мотоэксперт, март 2011

текст: Николай Ермалаев

фото: Евгения Феодориди

make-up: Григорий Макаров



Кубок Двух Стран - Coppa dei due paesi

Sensational news from “Yakhnich Motorsport”!
The motorcycle season-2011 will be marked by the unprecedented Russian-Italian project


Claudio Corsetti has resumed the second training session of “Yakhnich Motorsport” in Spain. The head coach appraises work of the team and each pilot in his report.