Happy birthday, Claudio!

Yakchnich Motorsport is happy to congratulate our beloved team coach with his birthday! Claudio, you are a true wise teacher and supportive friend! Your energy and bright personality inspire us and lead us to our success! We will do our best to make you happy with the most pleasant gifts we can give - our victories on the tracks!

Клаудио и команда
Клаудио и Леонов, победа на 4 этапе CIV

Клаудио и Надя


Клаудио и Наташа

Клаудио и Сергей Власов

Команда YMS



Qualification, CIV, rounds 5-6

All team arrived in Mugello for the double round of end of july had to solve the same problem: the impressive tyre consumption due to the new asphalt.

Vladimir Leonov first,triumph for Yakhnich Motorsport

For the first time in the History, a russian rider triumhs in the most difficoult and competitive stock 600 champoionship in the world. The russian gim ws eared in Misano Circuit today.