YMS Pilots has given masterclass for the R-Cup Russia Participants

On 24 August, 2011 the racers of the team “Yakhnich Motorsport” Maxim Kyselev and Sergey Vlasov acted as teachers for a group of pilots eligible for the new motor-racing competition – the R-Cup. The first stage of the Cup which is going to be held on the new track “Megaphone – Tushino” is planned for 27 August.

The current champion of Russia (Stock 600) Sergey Vlasov and the leader of the Russian Championship  (Superbike) Maxim Kyselev divided the young pilots in two groups: those who had come on Yamaha R-1 and those who rode more popular Yamaha R-6. It was pleasant to see that some representatives of the fair sex, one of whom rode a powerful 1 litre bike, had made up their mind to take a crack!

Special attention was given to the question of safety. Hardly anybody can imagine that the majority of the Russian Cup and Championship pilots cannot give 100% right answer to the questions concerning flag signalization, observance of which is extremely important on the track  not only while racing but also while practicing.

In spite of the difference in class of the bikes, the participants’ questions to Max Kyselev and Sergey Vlasov came to 2 basic moments: correct riding position and nuances of riding in bends. A pilot’s act habits in the saddle, in the first place, were analyzed in statics, where it was visually demonstrated how to operate by hands and legs while riding a bike.

For fixing and operational testing every half-an-hour seminar was followed by a 20-minute practical session on the track “Megaphone-Tushino”. In process of training the YMS pilots demonstrated proper trajectories, carefully watched the pupils acting on the track.  Each run was followed by debriefing where all the mistakes were discussed.

When the masterclass was over, the “teachers” and the participants of the seminar were not in a hurry to depart. Sergey Vlasov who had straddled his “battle bike” was surrounded by the group of R6 pilots who had in stock a never-ending list of questions. Maxim Kyselev and the mechanical engineer of “Yakhnich Motorsport” Arthur Korobkin were helping the R1 pilots with footboards regulating, proper tyre pressure hunting, etc.

The team “Yakhnich Motorsport” is happy to invite you to the sport event – The R-Cup. We are waiting for you on the track “Megaphone-Tushino” on 27 August.



"New" Nadia Yakhnich

The best ever race of Nadia Yakhnich was seen in Franciacorta, in the last stage  of Trofeo Femminile 2011.

Double podium of the team YMS on the track “Canyon”

The third stage of the Russian Cup in road-racing took place on the newest track “Canyon” which is situated not far from Kazan