Sergei  Vlasov came up with  a new helmet design

Shortly before the start of the next motor racing season of the championship of Italy CIV  Sergei Vlasov introduced new drawings on his helmet.

The idea to paint the top part of his combat uniform with  “Alice in Wonderland” characters occurred to the Yakhnich Motosport racer per se. The Russian pilot dedicated this Lewis Carol theme to his daughter - Alice. Modestly he noted his daughter is a constant companion of his motor racing career, as her birth coincided with the start of Sergei’s interest in motorcycles and races.

Vlasov’s helmet carries pictures of three main characters of “Alice in Wonderland”: Cheshire Cat,  White Rabbit and Caterpillar. Besides, there is an image of the double-headed eagle on the front of the helmet.  The man who actually drew it all on the helmet is the aerograph artist Vyacheslav Kabanov.

It is worth noting here the helmet works well as a talisman: during the test races in Imola  Sergei fell off the bike but neither him nor his helmet got even a tiny scratch. 

шлем Сергея Власова  шлем Сергея Власова 
 шлем Сергея Власова шлем Сергея Власова 



It was not so easy, it was even hard in some moments, but the first CIV 2012  week-end at least gave to Yakhnich Team good results, good informations and good feelings for the rest of the season. 

Cadalora roots for Randy Mamola’s son

It has been a great surprise for Mugello paddock today as well as for the team “Yakhnich Motorsport” to meet and shake hands with Luka Cadalora – a legend of world motorsport.