Qualifying, CIV 3, Monza



27-29 APRIL 2012


civ 3, monza



Better and better every race. This was the aim of the team and the aim of David, entering the very difficult Yamaha R6  Trophy, and this is happening. In Monza David from the beginning had ha good feeling even on Thursday free practice, where he setted immediately a good best time of 1’57”3. This “stop & go” circuit, with stong brakings and very high speed corners and straight, fits a lot of to the actual David riding style. He has no fear to brake later, he has no problem to open quickly the gas...

That’s way in every qualifying session he improved a while, passing from 1’59”4 of the morning one, to the 1’57”154 of the second one, that gived him the 28.th position in the grid, actually the best David result in R6 Trophy race qualifying.

From the beginning of the Year, just in three races, he has already cutted of more than 50% the distance in laptiming from the leader: it was more than 10 seconds in Mugello, it is 5 seconds now...

And tomorrow for the race rain, again, like in Imola, where he finished in 11.th position, is announced! 



The wonderful race of Imola, fighting for the podium up to the last crashing lap, is still in the mind of Dakota Mamola. But every race for him will be difficult, because of the lack of experience in most of the circuits. And Monza is probably the most difficult one, especially for qualifying. 

Dakota did better and better from Thursday to Saturday, improving his rhythm  from the initial 1’55”7 to the actual 1’52”7, that gives him the 26,th position on the grid. 

Yes, it is not what he wanted, but it is the natural result for a fast beginner. In about 2 seconds we have quite 30 riders. This is Monza, an incredible circuit where the experience to wait the other riders, stay back in the key points to bring slipstream, and launch the bike on the straight with awesome speed that you cannot reach riding alone, is it the base to built a good starting position. Unfortunately Dakota has not teammate in this category with whom share this help, and the result of qualifying is even the result of being mostly alone there inside. In any case his rhythm  for the race is quite good, and during race, we know, Dakota is used to fight and overtake easily than the others.

Tomorrow he will learn again more and more, and for sure we will see him signing again faster laps. 1’51” is already in his possibilities, and it means he can be again in the points, like in Mugello.



Even for Sergey Vlasov the raining Imola race result was a good support for the season. In Imola he took confidence with the supersport category, and here in Monza his performances are going better and better. During the free practice Sergey worked hard with his mechanic, to find a good setting of suspensions and electronics. 

We are testing a new engine, that is more powerful, and the results are clear in the speed trap, where our bike is always over 207 km/h even without slipstream. 

Being more confident in bike performances, Sergey is keeping a good rhythm, and at the end of Saturday morning free practice, the rhythm  of 1’53 was already in the pocket.

In the afternoon, unfortunately, some electronic problems didn’t allow him to do another step in the very difficult work with the Supersport bike, and at least he remmained in the 21.th position of the grid, that in any case is his best qualifying result of the year.

Even for Sergey race tomorrow rain is expected, and we remember his wonderful race of Imola in wet conditions...




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Happy Birthday , Vladimir Leonov

Vladimir Leonov, the fastest racer of Russia, is celebrating his 25th birthday today!