6 round of Italian championship



27-29 july 2012 



Very good news from Misano. David Leonov is going faster and faster and during today qualifying session in R6 Cup he astonished the team signing at every passage fast laps. 1’48”398 in the first session appeared already a very good result, many seconds better than ever did before here. But the younger Leonov was ready to prepare a big surprise to all team in the late afternoon. 1’47”5, and 27.th position conquered at the end of the session, after a very good run of 3-4 laps, all of them on the base of 1’47”, 1-48”. Not bad, really not bad for this young rider at his first road racing experience. And, to be noted that in this second session he was using the old tyres of the morning session!

Dakota Mamola & Vladimir Leonov

STOCK 600 

In the morning second qualifying session Dakota did very well: 1’42”3, again better than yesterday. 19.th on the starting grid,  in the really competitive category, where you can find more than 10 riders in every second! At the start Dako loosed a couple of positions, finishing 21.th at the first lap. Ok, he knew that starting from the back his race would have been difficult, and so it was. He had the rithm of 1’43” easy, but spend the first four-five laps to overtake the slower riders riding in 1’44”. One overtake a lap, more or less, waiting that the riders in front of him start to have tyre problems. As usual we knew our Yakhnich R6 had one of the best set-up for tyre consumption, that’s why Dakota could do so many overtaking till the 12.th position. In the last lap he was fighting with the 11.th Oppedisano, and both of them had to slower the rithm. At least, Dako overtook Oppedisano, but the slower rithm alowed to Basic to overtook both of them before the last corner, so the Young Mamola position remained the same.

Pole-position ceremony


Fantastic second qualifying for Vladimir Leonov in the saturday late morning. Defeating his provisional pole position, the Yakhnich Motorsport rider was able to sign a fantastic 1’38”9 just in the middle of the session! To understand the meaning of this performances, just thing he could have been in pole even in the World Supersport round in Misano last june with this laptime!

Vladimir is suffering a very hard sick desease, so he cannot breath very well with this really hot temperature, and being in pole in this conditions was a very good teraphy for him. On the other side of the box, even Vlasov Did a very good session: using used tyres, to test the race rithmh, he did a best time of 1’42”4, and it was really promising for the race.

And... let’s start: Vladimir did not very well, so at the first corner he was third. While Dionisi, the championship leader immediately jumped in first position, Vladimir was attached by Tamburini at the first corner. Unfortuntlely the italian rider touched the Vladimir front brake lever, uppering it in a position that vladimir could not do a good braking in the first corner. So, he lost other five positions in the first lap. 8.th at the first lap, 5 second back of Dionisi... Shit, it is not the race we was wondering...

But the great Leonov immediately imposed his rithm to the race. In three laps he ws already 4.th, and in other three laps he was attaching Tamburini and Cruciani, thirth and second...

Vladimir Leonov is second

The fight was very hard, but at least Vlaidmir overtook booth af them and five laps to the end he was second, 7.th second back of Dionisi. Too late to try to attach the first position, Vladimir just thought to defeat his podium, conquering the second position 4 second back of the winner.. and if you think he lost 4,9 seconds just in the first lap... you can image how much Vladimir was upset at the end of the race.

Ok Vladimir, just thing to tomorrow race!

Vlasov Sergey

A very good result was even the 11.th final position of Sergey Vllasov, best result ever for our rider in Supersport Championship. In the beginning of the race he had a very good start, conquering a couple of positions, and from the 13.th position of the first lap ha atteched immediately the slowe rider ahead of him. Kiping in is “victim list” even Dell’Omo and Tamburini. In the middle of the race he was 10.th and was recovering on the 9.th position of Segoni, but there started to have some tyre problem. The over consumption started to increase lap by lap the action of traction control, and after an incredible sliding in the faster corner, Sergey was so intelligent to unserstand was necessary to decrease the rithm to finish the race. And so now we can be happy for his result too!! 

Se yoo tomorrow for the David Leonov R6 Cup race and for the second race of the other three Yakhnich Motorsport riders!  




The Yakhnich Motorsport team is finished the 6 and 7 stages in CIV in Misano.

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