The unprecedented event in the history of Russian motor racing: the Russian racer Nadya Yakhnich is on the podium of the Italian Championship!

The team "Yakhnich Motorsport" goes on improving its positions in competitions of the European level and presenting new impressive victories to Russian MR sport.

Only last month the first in the history of "Yakhnich Motorsport" Cup in the frames of International competitions was won - Natasha Lubimova took the third place (STK-35) at the Championship Trofeo Amatori in Mizano. And on 27 June, Monday, the race of the first stage of the Italian Women Championship in Magion presented again to Russian MR one more historic event. The Russian racer Nadezhda Yakhnich took the second place continuing to raise the level of Russian racers' wins at European competitions. It can be considered a really unprecedented breakthrough for Russian MR!

Подиум Наташа Любимова помогает Наде осушить кубок.

The sportswomen covered 16 wearisome laps in tough rivalry under conditions of the incredible heat showing their fighting spirit and mood for serious contest. The rivals were very strong and the leaders of the Championship, the racers from Italy, seemed to have ideally shared the podium between each other. They didn't expect that the Russian racer would improve considerably her last year's results. Nevertheless the very well trained Russian pilot demonstrated her strong will for victory and a high pace of the race. As a result she was already the 3rd on the first corner and the 2nd on the second one. She fought actively for the leading position but for all that yielded to Hulia Atzory. Frederica Speranza finished third. Nadya Yakhnich won silver at the Italian Women Championship and it is really sensational!

The president of the team "Yakhnich Motorsport" Alexander Yakhnich: "We took most seriously our training for the Italian Women Championship and per se even sacrificed our training for the Russian MR Cup because of what we were not able to perform in Russia as successfully as it would have been desired. But this purposeful training for the race in Italy gave its results. It is the first in the history of Russian motor racing podium of the European level. It is a really sensational breakthrough and step by step we went to this aim for some last years of hard work. It goes without saying that we are all happy and congratulate Nadezhda! We hope that it is just a beginning and are going on working actively".

The pilot of the team "Yakhnich Motorsport" Natasha Lyubimova: "I am very satisfied with the result of my team-mate! Nadya fulfilled all the tasks set by the head-coach and was able to realize faultlessly the strategy which Claudio Corsetti had worked out for this race taking into consideration his experience and knowledge about features of the Italian rivals. Nadya worked like a clock: efficiently, accurately, she started very well and finally showed this perfect result!"

The pilot of the team "Yakhnich Motorsport" Nadya Yakhnich: "Of course I am very happy with the way this race has gone. Besides that a very important and moving moment for me about this race is that this competition is dedicated to the Italian racer Beatrice Bassini who died tragically last year. All of us remember and love her and it is a real honour for me to get the podium exactly in this race".




Moscow City Racing!!!

The team "Yakhnich Motorsport" took part in the most beautiful and exciting summer event in the centre of the Russian capital - Moscow City Racing!

Results at the first stage of the Russian MR Cup for the team YMS

The first stage of the Russian MR Cup took place on the track in Mjachkovo. It can't be considered very successful for the team "Yakhnich Motorsport".