The racer of "Yakhnich Motorsport Junior Team" Nika Kletsky sustained an injury at the fifth stage of the Russian Championship

The fifth stage of the Russian Championship in mini-motorcycling which took place at the kart racing track "Leader" situated near Moscow ended for the young racer of YMJT in a serious fall and injury.

The pilot of Yakhnich Motorsport Junior Team Nika Kletsky had a good start in the first race of the week-end, besides that the young sportswoman was lucky to share the start greed with the first Russian MotoGP racer Vladimir Leonov! It was a good opportunity not only to adopt this priceless experience but also take a crack at competing with the pre-eminent leaders of the championship.

But, unfortunately, Nika wasn't able to realize her high start speed into final result because of the most serious accident in her racing career: on a high-speed corner of the fifth lap the young pilot fell over the handle bar of her mini-bike. The organizers took a decision to stop the race with red flags and transport Nika to the nearest hospital. A detailed medical examination showed a serious injury of ligaments.

Now the main goal of Nika Kletsky is to recover for the final lap of the Russian Championship, which takes place in Kursk on 14-15 August where our sportswoman is to fight for a title among women.

Ника Клецки

Nika Kletsky: "Falls and injuries are integral part of motor racing, so I am trying to forget about it, I have analyzed the reasons of my fall and drawn necessary conclusions. Now I am looking forward to the race in Kursk."

Андрей Свириденко (слева на фото)

Besides Nika Kletsky our team was represented by one more pilot Andrey Sviridenko who performed on a training mini-motorcycle Blata B1 Origami. (Andrey had taken a course of training at the YM Racing Academy and it was his test race.) Andrey spent both races in tough rivalry and got his first points in the frames of the Russian Championship. His debut was really successful and the team will have provided Andrey with the most modern mini-bike BMS P2 Factory by the next stage.

Andrey Sviridenko: "I am happy to be at the Russian Championship together with Yakhnich Motorsport! My coaches trained me very well for the latest months and then gave all necessary information and support during the competition. As a result I was able to overtake a lot of experienced sportsmen with more powerful and modern bikes. I am very grateful to my team for this unique opportunity and looking forward to next competitions!"



Smog race

The third stage of the Russian MR Cup in Myachkovo is over. The anomalous Moscow heat which had already become a problem for the sportsmen at the previous stage was supplemented with very thick smog because of which it was hardly possible to see the corners.

Trofeo Amatori Italiano, III stage, Franciacorta!

The third stage of Trofeo Amatori Italiano in Franciacorta is over: Nataliya Lyubimova is on the podium!