Smog race

The third stage of the Russian MR Cup in Myachkovo is over. The anomalous Moscow heat which had already become a problem for the sportsmen at the previous stage was supplemented with very thick smog because of which it was hardly possible to see the corners. It was decided to put off the race and wait for better weather conditions. Finally the joint race of STK600 and STK women started only at 18-20. Though the smog abated a little towards the evening it didn't bring much relief. It was still very hot and there wasn't enough oxygen in the air. The physical state of the sportsmen exhausted with the heat and the long wait left much to be desired, but, nevertheless, nobody was going to give in.

бокс Яхнич Моторспорт

The weather wasn't the only problem for the pilots of "Yakhnich Motorsport" at that racing week-end: because of their extremely tight schedule of competitions Lubimova and Yakhnich came on the track in Myachkovo without any practice just after their night flight from Italy. But, nevertheless, Nadya Yakhnich went on struggling for the title. All race long she was fighting against Mila Korkina for the lead but finally yielded. To a large extent it depended on the organizers' mistake: under the trying weather conditions the pilots had to cover 14 laps instead of 12 declared. Being extremely tired, having breathing problems Yakhnich yielded to her rival on the last laps.

Надя Яхнич

Nataliya Lyubimova: "The organizers' decision seemed rather ambiguous to everyone. It was difficult to breathe under the trying weather conditions, and in my personal opinion, they could have reduced the number of laps and the pre-start procedure. But anyway I can say that it was an interesting test. And we were able to cope with it. As for my results I am happy to be fit again. I recorded good time in the qualification and not bad one in the race. I cannot say that I am satisfied with my final position but I consider this race as good practice after my injury".

Наталия Любимова



Girl power: sensational results of the stage in Mostu

The 4th stage of the Russian Cup in Czech Mostu made the intriguing character of this championship much hotter. The main sensation of the race week-end was incredible results of the STK600 race.

The racer of "Yakhnich Motorsport Junior Team" Nika Kletsky sustained an injury at the fifth stage of the Russian Championship.

The fifth stage of the Russian Championship in mini-motorcycling which took place at the kart racing track "Leader" situated near Moscow ended for the young racer of YMJT in a serious fall and injury.