Girl power: sensational results of the stage in Mostu

The 4th stage of the Russian Cup in Czech Mostu made the intriguing character of this championship much hotter. The main sensation of the race week-end was incredible results of the STK600 race. All race long 4 pilots – Korkina, Yakhnich, Lubimova and Nifontova were desperately fighting, having left the men-racers far behind.

In the course of the race the girls exchanged their places winning back their positions. After the finish scandalous in many respects and uneasy discussion of the situation with MFR referee’s board it was decided to resume the women event according to the results of 10 full laps. Holding the lead in the 9th lap Nadya Yakhnich still yielded to Mila Korkina in the 10th one. As a result the pilots YMS took the 2nd and the 3rd positions in the women event of the stage.  However it mustn’t be forgotten that on total Yakhnich is coming nearer to the prize-winners in the men event, so we are waiting for the solution of one more intrigue!



Fresh Forces in the team “Yakhnich Motorsport”!

The first Russian women motor-racing team has ventured to take a sensational step: now “Yakhnich Motorsport” will not be represented only by the charming racers Nadya Yakhnich and Natasha Lubimova but also by the young and perspective pilot Sergey Vlasov.

Smog race

The third stage of the Russian MR Cup in Myachkovo is over. The anomalous Moscow heat which had already become a problem for the sportsmen at the previous stage was supplemented with very thick smog because of which it was hardly possible to see the corners.