Natalya Lubimova has come back from the 5th stage of Trofeo Amatori

For health reasons Nadya Yakhnich couldn’t take part at the final 5

th stage of the competitions, so the colors of “Yakhnich Motorsport” were defended only by Natalya Lubimova.

The training sessions and the very races were remarkable for the weather caprices. Heavy rains had been forecasted for the race days but on Friday the track was covered with the thick fog, so only few racers took part in training races under such unfriendly weather conditions. However, the pilot of YMS ventured to come on the track because after racing in Moscow under conditions of terrible smog that Italian fog didn’t seem a very difficult trial.

Клаудио, Ната, Роберто и Мауро

However, during the first qualification the predicted rain started and Natasha Lubimova due to the right choice of tyres finished 14th among 40 participants. The second qualification was going to be rainy too. But several minutes before the race it wasn’t still clear enough what surprise the weather would spring: the pelting rain gave place to sun every now and then. As a result all the racers came on the start with different tyres depending on the personal expectations of the pilots. Having started the race on the rain tyres, Lubimova, however, changed one tyre for the slick in the middle of the qualification, as the main part of the track had got dry already…According to the results of the second qualification the Russian pilot took the 32nd place on the start grid.

Lubimova did very well at the start and found herself on the 25th position. After the first lap some positions were lost but during nine laps Natasha performed a number of beautiful overtakings and finished 26th having improved her time considerably (2:10:03). According to Claudio Corsetti’s confession he enjoyed watching the race: Natasha Lubimova demonstrated her fighting spirit, the pilot constantly had a burning sign “green helmet” indicating time improvement in every lap.

Natasha Lubimova:

“I am very satisfied with the race! From the very beginning I had been geared up for fighting! Jokingly, I can say that I must be grateful to our varied Russian summer, which taught us not to give in even under the most severe weather conditions. But seriously speaking, I am very grateful to every member of my team: I got Nadya’s constant support on-line, the mechanics worked very efficiently, Claudio gave important advice and provided moral support. And on the whole, this race gave us extremely interesting experience: how to make quick decisions under conditions of difficult choice. It is very serious technical team’s work. All of us worked efficiently and in concord!”

гонка, Ната № 57



The First Training Session of the Team “Yakhnich Motorsport”

The YMS racers Nadya Yakhnich, Natasha Lubimova, Vladimir Leonov, Sergey Vlasov and Maxim Kyselev have come back to Moscow after their training session in Spain and Portugal.

The beautiful point of the season! The competitions of the MFR Cup are over.

The tough rivalry and intrigue continued till the final fifth stage of the Cup: nobody knew for sure who would become the champion in STK-600 and STK-Women, so the race week-end wasn’t easy but dramatic and memorable.