Coppa dei due paesi

International motor-competitions on the Russian track:The motorcycle season-2011 will be marked by the unprecedented Russian-Italian project
The team “Yakhnich Motorsport” together with Motorsport Federations of Russia and Italy as well as “Scuola Federale Corsetti” (Federal school of racing) is happy to inform about the start of the unique Russian-Italian project –  “Cup of Two States”!

“Cup of Two States- Coppa dei due Paesi” is an unprecedented project that consists of two road motor-races which will take place in Italy and Russia in two very interesting circuits. 
The Italian stage of “Cup of Two States” is hosted by the track Misano Adriatico, situated in a scenic part of the country not far from Rimini. An absolutely unique feature of this race is that it takes place on 12 June in the frames of the World Superbike – the cult motor-racing competition with more than twenty-year-old history. Pilots fighting for “Cup of Two States” will have a chance to race with legends of the world motorsport, the strongest pilots of the planet and their performance will get into broadcast of the most popular and status motor-racing competition of the world.

The Russian stage of “Cup of Two States” won’t be less exciting. It takes place in August on the newest track “Canyon” in Kazan which is unique for Russia. This track (about 3.5 metres long) was built less than 3 years ago according to the project of the famous race-circuit architect Hermann Tilke. The unique profile of the track is rated high by the MFR representatives. Besides that Kazan of today is a city with the most developed sport infrastructure, with a number of ultra-modern unique sport facilities, and also with picturesque nature, great culture and recreation resources. Guests, participants and spectators will have an unforgettable week-end in one of the most beautiful Russian cities.

LLC “Yakhnich Motorsport” is in charge of the project. LLC “Yakhnich Motorsport” is one of the most recognizable Russian brands in motorsport, the promoter of sport-events and the owner of the first Russian professional female road-racing team that has brought together the unique star team composition of pilots who have great experience of participating in International competitions,- the titled racers Nadia Yakhnich, Natalya Lubimova, Vladimir Leonov, Maxim Kiselev and Sergey Vlasov.

The “Cup of Two States” project signifies bringing Russian Motorsport up to principally new world standards. The project is to favour cultural exchanges between Russia and Italy in the atmosphere of the positive and spectacular sport event. Besides that, the competition will give a good opportunity to demonstrate the serious level of Russian sportsmen’s skills and adopt the best world practices, and will present the real sporting occasion and breathtaking rivalry to Russian fans and spectators.

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