"YMS Masters" storms italian podiums

The “Yakhnich Motorsport” racers Vladimir Leonov, Sergey Vlasov and Maxim Kiselev opened the season in Vallelunga. The pilots defended the colours of “Yakhnich Motorsport” at the prestigious competitions Dunlop Cup (Leonov – 600GP; Kiselev – 1000GP) and Metzeler Pro Cup 600 (Vlasov).

In qualification Vladimir Leonov had to face Stefano Togni’s serious resistance, they fought with each other for the first position, but the race itself was won unreservedly by the Russian pilot. Besides that the team “Yakhnich Motorsport” got a special cup for the well co-ordinated work.

Владимир Леонов

Sergey Vlasov also contributed to the team: he got two cups at once: the first for winning the race and the second – for the best laptime.

Maxim Kiselev began his race as well as his team-mates, he started from the eighth position after the qualification, but after his fall in the first lap he wasn’t able to continue racing. Fortunately, he managed to avoid injuries and serious damages of the bike.

Сергей Власов

In spite of the successful beginning of this season and decisive victories of the pilots the team considers these races to be rather of training character: the team was focused on preparation for the forthcoming Italian Championship (CIV), data acquisition, refinement of bike settings and strengthening of racing spirit.

Sergey Vlasov: “Frankly speaking, in the frames of the latest competitions we were focused only on the tasks connected with CIV. Of course, we are pleased with the team’s success. But most of all we are satisfied with the results of the work done and that we have managed to fulfill all the tasks given. We are ready to continue catching up with the leaders of the Italian Championship”.



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