Race is the best practice

The first stage of Trofeo Amatori took place in Mugello. This track is one of the most popular with the racers and this year its asphalt covering has been renewed, so this made it possible for many racers to ride faster. Natasha Lyubimova turned out to be the only pilot of YMS female team who was able to take part in the race. Nadia Yakhnich, as it had been reported earlier, had to miss the race for health reasons.

The race didn’t go very well for Lyubimova: according to the qualification results she started from the last position but one. Natasha Lyubimova: “Two years running I have taken the last but one place after qualification on this track.  What incentive must one have to win? Race is race even when you start from the last position. I continued work begun at training and qualification sessions, discovered some technical minuses and pluses in my bike settings. Result came in due time – I enhanced my position and time for 3 seconds. Generally speaking, I have special relations with Mugello. I like this track very much but I can’t overcome it!”


For the pilots of YMS Masters this race was rather of training importance. They took part in Premier Cup race – this competition is considered to be the most difficult after CIV. Vladimir Leonov and Sergey Vlasov performed in “600 Open”, Maxim Kiselev – in “1000 Open”.

Maxim’s race was the latest. The pilot started from the 12th position according to the result of two qualifications, one of which had taken place in the afternoon and the second – in the rainy evening. He managed to accelerate but not so much as it was desired. The start wasn’t successful and at first Kiselev lost 5 positions but then he improved his time greatly and clocked 1’59’’ stably at speed of 300 km per hour. No more pilot of the same class rode at such speed in that race. After the unlucky start it was impossible to catch up with the leaders but nevertheless the pilot was able to fight for the 8th place and finished 9th. Maxim Kiselev: “I wish I had found right co-operation with the bike earlier than by the end of the race. I would like to continue this work in order to find better contact. But anyway I am satisfied with my results, I was able to set good pace”.

Максим Киселев

Leonov and Vlasov did well in the race: Vladimir together with the team’s mechanics and engineers of “Andriani” continued working with the new suspension setting, searched for new setup and as a result he won the qualification and the race, got the 1st  place on the podium and the Cup for the best lap-time. He managed to record good time but it is not enough for CIV, so Vladimir continues working hard. Sergey Vlasov resumed his work started at the CIV first stage with a new mechanic. The pilot was familiar with the track already as he had performed there last year. So he started working hard from the first session. There were 40 sportsmen on the start grid, Leonov started the first and Sergey – from the 6th position. In the race he recorded stable time 2’00’, fought with the rivals and in the last lap he clocked 1’59 finishing sixth as last year. 
Подиум В.Леонова

Sergey Vlasov: “We regarded this race as our practice for CIV, tested different tyres and suspension conditions. In fact, it is not a matter of places but of time. To clock 1’59 is a good result! So if I had finished as the leader but 2’02” - it would be bad”.

Сергей Власов



Successful race of «Yakhnich Motorsport» on the most difficult track of the CIV

A great standing ovation was eared in Monza Pit lane caming from box number 55 at the start of Stock 600 Race and for 7 laps the only rumors you could only ear the full gas 16.000 rpm of the yaknich motorsport Yamaha R6  leading the group, and the appaudshment camig every lap, every corner, every braking from the box number 55.

1 Round, Yamaha R6 Cup, results

Grate race of Sergey Vlasov!