Successful race of «Yakhnich Motorsport» on the most difficult track of the CIV

Yakhnich Motorsport, CIV 2011, Second stage: Monza 28 april – 1 maySunday, May 1, Stock 600 Race


A great standing ovation was heared in Monza Pit lane caming from box number 55 at the start of Stock 600 Race and for 7 laps the only rumors you could only hear the full gas 16.000 rpm of the Yaknich Motorsport Yamaha R6  leading the group, and the applaus camig every lap, every corner, every braking from the box number 55. Wow, Great, Go, Yes... wonderful.This is the list of the word exclaimed every lap looking at the wonderful, exiting race of Leonov.The perfect setting for the perfect rider created in Monza the miracle to see him leading with big surely and safe riding exaclty in the circuit in which we was expecting to pay more respect the most experienced teams.

Владимир Леонов

No, up to two lap to the end, the Yakhnich Motorpsort “power Team” was leading, fighting, asking respect to the whoole grid. And we had it. But, racing is racing, and during one of his astonishing braking, Vladimir hitted with big and violent energy on the gearbox to put the gear...Gear entered, but from this event the screw of the geear lever, broken by the it, started to “descrewe”, ut to the moment in wich, two laps to the end, Leonov leading in Ascari Braking point, he lost the lever, lost the front, lost the race... But gained the respect of all Monza “speed Temple” templars...Yes, CIV responsable, prepare the russian gimn, from next race we will need it!!!

Сергей Власов и Роберто

As in Misano, Sergey Vlasov started from a position in grid that do not reflect his real potential. OK sergey, you are here to learn, adn day will came in which you will have the possibility to demonstrate your value in qualifyng as you do in race...Yes, because even in Monza, like in Misano, You gived to all team the great emotion to see you ovetaking and overtaking faster and faster, better and better, caming up of 10 position in 10 laps. Nothing more can be done than this, in a Trophy where bikes are all the same. Nothing similar could be expected from a man with your heath conditions like today. White face and not brithing eyes before start, great smile at the end! Your great potential soon will be clear to all  of people out of Yakhnich team.
в течение заезда



Wet race, lucky winning for the Yakhnich Motorsport team deciding a mixed rain selection just before the start

The worst weather conditions was waiting today Vladimir Leonov and Yakhnich Motorsport team on the grid of second stage of Mototemporada.

Race is the best practice

The first stage of Trofeo Amatori took place in Mugello. This track is one of the most popular with the racers and this year its asphalt covering has been renewed, so this made it possible for many racers to ride faster.