23-26 JUNE 2011

Again stage in Misano for  Yakhnich Motorsport, after the huge week-end of Coppa Dei Due Paesi.That is 3rdand 4th stage of CIV waiting Vladimir Leonov, and from the first trainings of thuersday  we immediatly understood that the good feeling of Vladimir with his bike was still at a very good level. From the first free practice he already setted good laptimes, in 1’41”, and that rythm was confirmed in qualyfing sessions: third position in 1’41”0 (with some mistake in the fast lap), just 0,3 second from pole.

Start Stock 600

Unfortunatly during the night of friday Vladimir was afflicted by temperature and second qualyfing of saturday mornig was not so good for Leonov, that confirmed the same laptime of friday afternoon, while Monti overtook him on start grig by only 0”070... Ok, not bad, in any case we start from first row at the third race, expactly how was planned by the team: fight for podium from the middle of season!

And that’s it! From th start Lombardi, Russo and Leonov took immediatly a good advantage from the rest of the group, and in a couple of laps it was clear to all that those three would have fight for the podium.

Vladimir stayed for first part of the race in third position, studying the competitors. Then, at the seventh lap, he made the firts attack to Russo. He was clearly faster then the two italians in some parts of the circuit, but not in the last three cornes. Russo, tryed immediatly to react at the braking point of Tramonto corner, then... he discovered there  was no way to pas leonov... crashing!

Leonov and Lombardi

From that moment the race was even much more spectacular: Leonov passed immediatly even Lombardi, and tried to go away.. this tactic was quite succesful for  one lap, but then, at Quercia Corner, both riders broke too late, and Lombardi had the possibility to take the contact again with Leonov. The last three laps was astonishing.. both riders was pushing and pushing, in every braking, in every corners, and theyr advantage to the rest of the group increased up to 9”.. incredible!Last lap: Lombardi attack and pass at the first corner... Leonov react immediatly: Quercia.. First! Tramonto.. First! Curvone... Lombardi try, Leonov close...First! Carro 1... First! Carro 2.. First! Misano 1... First... one corner to finish Leonov first Lombardi inside... brake nooooo Lombardi pass, Leonov second!

Not bad, Not bad.. we are on the podium at third race, GREAT, ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! And on sunday for race 2, we know where to take some other tenths of seconds.. be ready, stay with us!!!!

Stock 600, round 3



Vladimir Leonov first,triumph for Yakhnich Motorsport

For the first time in the History, a russian rider triumhs in the most difficoult and competitive stock 600 champoionship in the world. The russian gim ws eared in Misano Circuit today.

Debut of David Leonov in Yamaha R125 Cup Trophy

The week-end of 27-29 may signed even the beginnig of the season for David Leonov, at his first impact among the young italian riders fighting in the Yamaha R125 Cup Trophy