Vladimir Leonov first,triumph for Yakhnich Motorsport


MISANO 23-26 JUNE 2011


For the first time in the History, a russian rider triumhs in the most difficoult and competitive stock 600 champoionship in the world. The russian gim ws eared in Misano Circuit today.

podium Stock 600 CIV

Do you remember last words of yesterday reports?...“And tomorrow, for race 2, we know where to take some other tenths of seconds... be ready, stay with us!!!!».

Yes, we did it. Some little changes in bike set-up, some different lines suggested to the rider in some corners, and... wow: 1’40”788 in warm-up session, using an old rear soft tyre (compound “0” the tyre that all other riders can use only for three-four laps)! Even technical responsable of Pirelli factory did not believied to theyr eyes... «How is it possibile?» they asked many times to our box.

start grid

It is possibile, when bike is well done and you have a rider like Vladimir! That is the answer. So, big smile on the grid. Let’s start !

As yesterday, immediatly Vladimir took the thirth position in the first corner, following Russo, first, and Lombardi, second. After first lap, Lombardi immediatly pass Russo, while Lenov stay back, studying the situation. One, two, three laps, with Lombardi taking little by litte more than one second of advantage, and, at fifth lap, Vladimir decide to “boost” his rithm: pass Russo in braking at Quercia, and put Lombardi on the target. 1,5 second of disadvantage at 6.th lap, 1,2” at 7.th lap, 0,8”  at 8.th lap, 0,2” at 9.th lap, and then the attack and overtake just during 9.th lap. 0,1” of advantage at 10.th lap, 0,7” at 1.th, 1,2” at 12.th, 3,8” at the checkered flag!!!

First, absolutely dominating and controlling the race, and fast lap in 1’40”667 at the 9.th lap, during the attack, that is the new absolute record of Misano Circuit for Stock 600...Not bad, Vladimir, not bad.First russian rider to win in the most difficoult stock 600 championship in the world, giving to the whoole paddock the impression of a power never seen in this class.

park chiuso

All of you shold have seen the faces of the other riders at the podium. Happy for Leonov, sincerly, but distroyed in their technical conviction...

How could he used the softer tyre and have this ritmh 3 second faster then yesterday in the race total time, without loosing grip after three laps?

That is the question that all paddock must to solve very quickly, because now Yakhnich team is second in champioship, 23 points to the leader (Lombardi), and still 4 races to go, with 3 of them in Mugello, the favourite circuit of Vladimir...Not bad!



Qualification, CIV, rounds 5-6

All team arrived in Mugello for the double round of end of july had to solve the same problem: the impressive tyre consumption due to the new asphalt.

First podium of Yakhnich Motorsport

Astonising race of Vladimir Leonov. Fiting and leading for many laps in the third round of CIV Stock 600.