R6 Cup, Mugello, 24 июля

This is not the best perioud for Sergey Vlasov. All was fine, or seemed fine in this week-end. Very good trainings, very good results in qualifyng, very good feeeling with the bike and very good mood on start grid. Sergey was ready to demonstrate in the race that the new step in his grown, made during the week-end, could brought him finally inside the group fighting for the first 7-8 positions, while he was able to run in 1’58”5 stable, and the team was expecting to see him at 1’57” at the end of the race...So, big smiles on the grid, and big smiles at the start: with a wonderful jump Sergey obtained immediatly the 8.th position (14.th on the grid) and in the first part of first lap fighted to mantein this position. Arrived at Arrabbiata 1 one rider overtook him, but in the exit of second arrabbiata Sergey already overtook him... then Correntaio, then Biondetti 1& 2, and, Sergey was already in touch with the leading group. But, unfortunatly, one of the raider in front of him hardly brakes 20 meters before Sergey usual braking point. There, the bikes are in fifth gear, very fast.. to avoid the slower rider Sergey had to go suddently to the right, just into the “escape space”, at more then 200 km/h... just before hitting the barriers, he crashed voluntary, receiving a big hit in the right knee, fortunatly without any serious injures...Race finished in less then one lap. It is not what all of us was expecting, but this is racing, and must be accepted. See you next race, Sergey!

Старт R6 Cup



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Stock 600, воскресенье, 6 этап CIV

One lap, only one lap, the most important of the day, was the last lap of this morning warm-up.