Vallelunga. Qualifications.

Round 7, CIV

Vallelunga, September 9-11

Stock 600 qualifying

Церемония награждения за Поул-позишн

Looking today at the performances of Vladimir Leonov on the Yakhnich Motorsport R6 everything seems easy. Seems easy to ride like that. Seems easy to play with the bike in the most driven part of the circuit as he does. Seems easy to enter full gas sixth gear 255 km/h real speed in the fastest right corner after finish line, the fastest corner of all championship. Seems easy to slide as him entering the corners and sliding full gas out of slowest corner...

Seems easy, but nobody can do it. Nobody apart Leonov.

The show played by Yakhnich Motorsport Team in friday free practice and saturday official qualyfing was astonished for all other competitors. Just unbeatble. Mechanichs “ordered him to take our first pole pisition of the season in CIv, and the reply of “vova” was like that: 1’40”9, 1’40”8, 1’40”8.... all of that while all the others had difficoulties to do 1’41”8- 1’41”9...

Simple consideration: rithm of Leonof tomorrow for the race is 0,5-1 second faster than any other rider...
Any question for the race of tomorrow?

YAMAHA R6 CUP qualyfing

Выезд на квалификацию. Сергей Власов

Ok, let’s talk about Sergey: Even Vlasov, already on friday finded the right mood with bike and technical set-up. His rithm with old tyre was always 1’44”, and to give his team the final gift, he signed a fantastic 1’43”8 at last lap of friday with really finished rear tyre.

Saturday morning, the hottest temperature of the asphalt did not allowed him to do better of 1’44”0... but the problem was for all riders, and so, the position, best result of the year, was officially signed!
Second session, new tyre again, one stop to change a little the set-up, and 1,2,3 laps and... 1’43”3!!!
Wow.. position, fantastic results, if we consider that now, the fastest rider of the trophy are there, with the pole position is just o,5 second ahed of Sergey...

Someone want to beat on tomorrow result?



Leonov won in Vallelunga

VladimirLeonov wonthe racefor the third time inseasonandnowby all meanstry towin thetitleat the last stagein October.

"New" Nadia Yakhnich

The best ever race of Nadia Yakhnich was seen in Franciacorta, in the last stage  of Trofeo Femminile 2011.