27-29 APRIL 2012




David Leonov, R6 Cup

David Leonov was very exited waiting the Monza race. The good practice results and the raining weather forecast was giving him the hope of a very good result, like in Imola some weeks ago. And, infact, just half an hour before the race, rain arrived. But the bad luck was waiting the Yakhnich Team just around the angle of the first lap. David had a very good start but immediately he felt somethign strange in the rear tyre. As he tried to push, bad reaction at the gas orders, strange sliding in acceleration and braking, and no speed in the straight. Impossible to understand why, but his rear tyre was absolutely “flat”, loosing all the internal air in the first lap. David Understood the problem, but his desire to race was so strong to decide to stay there, even riding much slower than the others. He wanted to finish this race, and he did, because a checkered flag is always a checkered flag!

Thank’s a lot David for your effort!



Dakota's clutch lever

When bad luck visit the team, it is not only for one rider. Even Dakota Mamola knew that the raining condition could give him the possibility to faith easily with the front rows, starting back at the position. To be onest, rain stopped to be 10 min before the start of stock 600 class, but in any case we decided to use rain tyre for the race, as the most part of the other riders, because big dark cloud where arriving again, and because in nay case the asphalt was still wet. Just after the 5 minutes signal, some of the riders on the grid decided to change rear tyre with a slick, but it was no more possible because of the rules. All of them, at the end, would be penalized with a ride trough...

Dakota, as usual, had a wonderful start, and fighting as a lion at the end of the first lap he was already, overtaking 7 riders.

And in the first half of the second lap he already overtook other 3-4, ready to join the leaders groop very soon with his great rithm.

But arrived at the “Roggia” esse, exiting on the right, he was hardly hitted on the left side of the handlebars by Alessia Polita, that literally broke his clutch level. 

Without the clutch lever, Dakota tried to do a couple of laps, but it was creating him too much problems in downshifting, from the so high speeds of Monza, and, looking that his laptimes was going to be slower and slower, he finally decided to stop at box at the fourth lap.

Looking at what happened at the end of the race, we could strongly believe that without this accident, he could easily finish in the first five position!



Vlasov' start grid

In the early afternoon, when Supersport Race started, the circuit was completely dry. Sergey Vlasov could finally have a full week-end of good conditions to test his Supersport and increase his feeling with this difficult category.

For the race we tested a new set up, to solve for him some problem with the feeling in the front. As usual Sergey Needs some laps to keep confidence with new setting, and in the beginning his race was not so fast as expected. The rhythm after a not perfect start in the beginning was about 1’54” even because of the traffic, but as he could be alone, after a couple of overtaking, step by step he keep confidence with the bike and started to be better and better. Fighting many laps with Lagiongada for the place, he won the battle, and won even the smile of a very good series of laps in 1’53”. 

That’s what we wanted, that’s what he obtained.

Unfortunately our other rider, Vladimir Leonov, could not be present here because of the WSS rules, that will be held here in Monza next week. So we loose the leadership of the championship. Now Leonov is in fourth position, 14 points back to Dionisi, today second after Lombardi.

We have other 5 races to reduce this gap... It is possible.



Round 4, 1st qualifying, Monza

Coming from  the astonishing podium of Assen, the Yakhnich team arrived in Monza hoping to start the week-end with the same optimum mental condition.

Vladimir Leonov on the podium of WSSP in Assen

Thirth place! Podium at the thirth race!! Can you image which level of happiness is in the Yakhnich Box af assen at the end of this historical race?