A fantastic victory in race 1 in Supersport



21-24 JUNE 2012


In the hottest races ever did in Mugello, Yakhnich Team start in the best way the double appointment of CIV 2012. A firmly victory in the Supersport race, demonstrated to all paddock how big was the developing step we are preparing for the second part of the WSS season.

Yes, We are using CIV as “testing ground”, and the today result gived all of us a big smile. Ok, Massimo Roccoli is light and for sure aerodinamic rider, but what we have seen today in the long mugello straight is impressive. 

Massimo started perfectly from second place in the grid, and for the first four laps he leaded the race showing that for All the other was not possible to overtake him even taking the slipstream!

Then having some problems in braking and deciding to safe the tyres for the last part of the race, Massimo decided not to push hard in the most difficult points, and first Cruciani, then Dionisi, tried to impress their rithm to the race.

 after race Massimo with Claudio

But, in every lap, the long straight was like a nightmare for all our competitors... Massimo could overtake all every time, even without using slipstream...

But he waited, knowing he had an hard tyre in the back that would have gived him advantage in the last part of the race, while Cruciani and Dionisi, the fastest competitors, started with a soft compound.

And, infact,  when Massimo decided to go, one lap to the end, he “destroyed” psicologically Dionisi and Cruciani, overtaking both in a row, and taking some tenth of second of advantage just to be safe in the last lap.

Podium - Massimo Roccoli is 1st

So, while he was going to take his history, Cruciaini and Dionisi was overtaked even by Tamburini, that made the same hard tyre choice of Massimo...

And, if you thing that is enough to be happy for Yakhnich Team, you wrong. Today we even saw the best 2012 race in Supersport from Sergey Vlasov, Starting from 22.th position because he had to qualify with a stock engine... During the night mechanics fitted the new Supersport Engine in his bike, and being on the grid Sergey was finally smiling thinking to attack immediately.

Unfortunately it was not possible from the beginning because of a not correct electronic set-up in downshifting system, but, lap by lap Sergey increased his rithm, and started to overtake one by one the competitors up to arriving at the 16.th position. 

But this hard attack destroyed his rear tyre, and in the last lap he had to admitt two competitors to overtake him again.

It doesn’t matter Sergey, we knew this race was to be used as a practice session, to prepare the bike for the second race, tomorrow... where we hope to see you so consistent and happy like today!

Sergey Vlasov and Claudio Corsetti 


Even In Stock 600 race 1 Yakhnich team was consistent and protagonist with the young Dakota Mamola. Starting from 15.th position, “Dako” overtake immediately two riders, then after two laps again he conquered the 12.th position. In the first 5 laps the stock race was divided in two groups: The first 6 riders riding in 1’56”-1’57”, and a second group where Dako was, riding in 1’57”-1’58. The two group was separated by about 2-3 seconds, but, from the middle of the race the distance was becaming less and less, up to the moment in which. Three laps to the end, there was one unique and fantastic leading group composed by 12 riders, fighting for the victory!

Dakota Mamola grid

Just in this moment, Dako decided to attack: his bike had a good tyre consumption during the race, so he had enough confidence to try it. He overtook one rider, but at the braking point at the end of the straight he did not calculated the higher speed taken with the slipstream and when it was time to brake... it was too fast! So entering the San Donato corner he lost the front and crashed...

No worry Dako... Tomorrow you have another change, and now you understand you are riding “into” the leading group of riders, so it is easy to do mistake when the rithm is at the top...


Today whe even had the two qualifying sessions of R6 Cup, and our rider David Lenov confimed in both session his new step. He was firmly riding on the time of 2’04” during the first session, and he improved again in second session, signing his best time of 2’03”7, that tomorrow will allow him to start from 32.th position. David his soffering a lot for his knee during qualifyng, now we will try to change his riding position, to give him some help and be ready to see him improve again tomorrow during the early morning race... 2’02” is the new target... wait and see... 

David Leonov




First race of the day, as usual, for the Yamaha R6 Cup. All of us was hoping that it would have gived David Leonov the possibility to ride in not so hot conditions, but already at 11 the asphalt temperature was over 50 °C... impossible in this condition even hope to improve again the good laptime showed yesterday during qualifiyng in late afternoon.

Yakhnich R6 sign the new lap record in Mugello for supersport class

Italian championship 2012, round 4-5, Mugello, Tuesday and Friday practices