21-24 JUNE 2012 



First race of the day, as usual, for the Yamaha R6 Cup. All of us was hoping that it would have gived David Leonov the possibility to ride in not so hot conditions, but already at 11 the asphalt temperature was over 50 °C... impossible in this condition even hope to improve again the good laptime showed yesterday during qualifiyng in late afternoon.

David Leonov, R6 cup

So, David, as usual, had a good start, staying in his position in braking, and for the first three laps he stayed in his rithm, following some direct competitirs and studying the situation. At the fourth lap the first overtaking on Crucitti, then on the sixth lap, another overtaking, on Zamboni. After that no other riders on his target, as the distance from the rest of the group was already too much to hope to recover on that. So David tought only to go on on his rithm and finish his race. As many riders crashed, his final position is the, and now actually he is in position in the championship. Exactly in the middle of the 40 riders.

Now the target, for next two races, is to try to enter the first, that would be fantastic for the year old rockye in his first season in the road racing world! 


It was not easy for Dakota Mamola re join the grid for the second race after thinking all night long to the crash of the day before in race 1. He hitted hardly the head during crash and even he was complaining to loose the possibilities to fight in the leding group in the last three laps...

In any case rider and team worked a little on the bike to give him more safety sensations on the front, and with this good news in his mind he went to the start.

Dakota Mamola, Stock 600

As usual he gained immediately some positions with a good start, passing in place at the first split. But he had behind of Alessia Polita in the first part of the first lap, where is very difficoult to overtake. Alessia, crashed in race 1, was riding slower than the first group, and slovered Dakota for all the first lap. 1,5-2 second was the lost time in the first lap for this. And this was terrible for dako, riding alone, following the leading group for all the race, without the possibility to use the slipstream they all was riding with... his distance from the top was always between 3-4 seconds, he always saw in front of him the dream to fight for the podium, but in Mugello you cannot hope to recover disadvantage without slipstream.

One possibility we had: wait the last laps, knowing that the tyre consumption on our bike is always better thean the other, and that’s what happened in the last three laps many rider in the leading group started to had tyre problems, and Dako started to be 1 second a lap faster then the other. So, from position he passed to the final position, six second from the winner, due to one crash ahead,  and due to the overtake of Morbidelli and Russo just in the last lap... Russo, to be onest, was fighting to win the race, but he tought that race was finished one lap before the real finish, and he started to celebrate his victory while all the others overtook him... Dakota too...


Same fast start, same impressive rithm from the beginning, same results: Massimo Roccoli won even the sunday race in Mugello, bringing the Yakhnich Motorsport Yamaha R6 on the first step of the podium.

Massimo Roccoli, Supersport 600

First from the start, our rider impressed immediately his law, pushing from the beginning up to the end at the incredible rithm of 1’55”! Only in last lap, when the advantage on Dionisi was so consistent to allow him to breath, he close a little the gas signing 1’56”...

The total time of the race was 8 second faster then yesterday, it means more then half second faster a lap.

This is even because at the fifth lap Andreozzi, riding a faster Moto2, with wider Dunlop front tyre that give a big advantage in the fastest corners, overtook Massimo and made his rithm. Massimo followed him for all the race, up to the end, using the Andreozzi rithm to put a gap between him and Dionisi. In fact today Dionisi couldn’t never try to attach Massimo, and all the other protagonst of saturday race, like Tamburini and Cruciani, already understood after five-six lap, that the Yakhnich R6 today was too fast even to stay in his wake.

Massimo even tryed to attack the Moto2, he was so happy of the rithm and of the bike performance that even tought to beat the faster Moto2, and two laps to the end the disadvantage was less then 1 second... But  he made a mistake in first braking two laps to go, so decided to deserve his second supersport astonishing victories without taking any additional risk.

On the other side of the medal, we must say thank’s to the absolutely professional race of Sergey Vlasov. You already know from yesterday his bike had downshifting problems. We changed the clutch for race 2, but the problem stayed again, and became worst and worst obliging hin to stop twice to the box for checks. And after the second stop even the traction control stopped to work properly...

Sorry Sergey! You was an hero staying in the circuit riding in this condition, even with your absolutely bad health condition because of the very high temperature.

The position you took at least is a gift for the team... and team want to give it back to you as sun as possible!!

Sergey Vlasov, Supersport


“I was not winning a race from 2008, last time here in Mugello, when I won my third italian Supersport championship... As I already sayd after the Misano WSS race, it was great to ride the Yakhnich R6... I needed a good bike to confirm myself to be still able to win, and now I thing really that this bike is at the same level of the Lorenzini Kawasaki I’ve ridden last year and both of them are the best bike I’ve ever ridden in my carreer... I think we did a good work with the team to develop the new engine that Vladimir will ride from Aragon, and naturally I hope he will be happy about that. Let me thank’s again the Yakhnich team and Mr. Yakhnich for this great possibility: I’m a new rider now thank’s to them”. 

Supersport race



Vladimir Leonov is started on the 8th stage in World Superbike

46 Days after the terrible accident in Donington, Vladimir Leonov is again riding his Yakhnich Motorsport R6. For sure his left ankle is not at the best condition...

A fantastic victory in race 1 in Supersport

In the hottest races ever did in Mugello, Yakhnich Team start in the best way the double appointment of CIV 2012. A firmly victory in the Supersport race, demonstrated to all paddock how big was the developing step we are preparing for the second part of the WSS season.