27-29 july 2012



For Sunday Race a little less hot temperature is waiting the riders on the grid, compared to yesterday’s evil’s one! But to warm up the riders of the R6 Cup was the big accident occurred at the third lap, in the Quercia Corner two riders crashed, and the following group, whil trying to avoid them, was hitted by another rider crashing in the back.. result: 6 riders involved in the crash, and red flag for the race.

Владимир и Давид Леоновы

At the restart David Leonov had a good jump, overtaking one competitor and stayed close to the group ahead for all the rest of the race. He fighted about for all nine laps with Fellegara, after recovering the one second of disadvantage of the first lap, and had lot of fan during this fight, all done in 1’48”-1’49”. At least he closed the race in position, and the good news is that if in the beginning of the season his laptime was 12 second a lap from the leaders, now we are about at 5 second... what a progress for the rokiee Yakhnich Motorsport rider!

STOCK 600 

Dakota Yesterday raced in the hottest moment of the day. There was not less the 53 degrees on the asphalt yesterday, and it was even difficoult to breath. “Dako” payed a lot this stressing condition for the injured shoulder, so today his eyes was not so briliant at the start... Instead of it, he had a better start, deserving his position. And, like yesterday, started immediately to attach his competitor. He overtook in few lpas Lagonigro, Ravaioli, Tucci e Stizza, and, even because of some crashes, he was in the middle of the race at the position, on the rithm of 1’42”-1’43”. Then the tireness arrived and he decided to finish the race without risks, just to save the points for the team. As nobody was back so close to attach him, he did the last laps on 1’44” and finished, as Yesterday, with a best lap of 1’42”989, and lot of pain for the injured shoulder. Now three weeks of rest before the Moskow Coppa dei Due Paesi third stage will allow him to recover the better physical conditions. 

Дакота Мамола на старте


In the morning warm up all the indications was good for Vladimir Leonov, able again to run in 1’40”9 with used tyres, so, we was expecting a confortable race fighting for the victory with Dionisi, winner of saturday race. And after the good start in second position, seemed to be possibile to realize this hope. 

But, as we saw Ilario Dionisi riding on the rithm of 1’40” from the second lap. Vladimir, Tamburini and Cruciani was always doing 1’41”...

Владимир Леонов - 3 место

Ok, we knew Dionisi using soft rear tyre, so it was to be expected the half of the race to see the real situation changing thank’s to our rear hard tyre, but.. nothing of that happened. Vladimir was visibly in difficulties in braking and entering the corner. Chattering in the front, and sliding in the rear. Same set-up of yesterday, but much worst riding condition. So, Leonov could only defeat his position, first with Tamburini, that overtook him but crashed immediately after, then from Cruciani. The Kawasaki rider overtook Vladimir in the last two laps, and there was a great fight for the second place, but at least Vladimir had to stay third after trying till to the last corner to overtake the competitor.

Сергей Власов

Great race and unespected for Sergey Vlasov, that with a position improved  the yesterday 

He was not so sure, before starting, to be so strong, as we had to change him the engine after the morning warm-up, and the one he was using had a different internal set-up, never tested before by Sergey. But he discovered in the first three four laps he like it, and so could push immediately and find a rithm of 1’42”-1’43” that made it confortable for him to fight all the race with Gregorini and Bonecchi, with which he changed the position several times during the last laps, but at least he won the fight and had the possibility again to finish a race smiling! 



Sunday Silverstone Supersport race

Ok, as you understand, it was not an happy race for Yahnich Motorsport and Vladimir Leonov in Silverstone. 

Friday, CIV, qualification

Which is the best news for the Yakhnich Motorsport team?