Sunday Silverstone Supersport race

World Supersport Championship

Round 10

Silverstone 3-5 Agoust 2012


Vladimir Leonov start grid

“Fukin****** bast*****”... or, if you prefer: “Putt***** Mado*****”.

Ok, as you understand, it was not an happy race for Yahnich Motorsport and Vladimir Leonov in Silverstone. After the best season qualifying, in sixth place, we was hoping a very good results. Could have had rain, and with this we was expecting an easy podium, but could have had a luckies race in the dry, and in any case, starting from the second row, we knew a result inside the first five position could be in our possibilities!

And at the start it was amazing to see Vladimir fourth at the first corner, and third after another couple of corners. But the good luck is not with us: in the middle of the first lap, following Cluzel and Lowes, Vladimir crashed in braking. Race finished! And all team desperate...

No!! Start to rain and red flag is exposed. OK, Vladimir take is back and went back at the box 4 minutes before the new opening of the pit lane... With a very quick work, mechanics fits the bike, and 0,5 min before the pit line is closed, Vladimir can came back to the grid!

Unfortunatly, whil all team had about 10 minutes to check the situation, decide a new set-up or correct the mistake done in the first start, we just could fix the bike, that remained with a “middle way” set-up: slick tyres, little softer suspensions. 

At the second start, again with a dry asphalt and sunny weather, Vladimir was fantastic conquering the fourth place. And being quiet in this position he was controlling the situation. 

But the nervous Sofouglu, trying to overtake him in braking, made a mistake, loose the line, touching Vladimir and pushing him out of the line...

“Fukin****** bast*****”... or, if you prefer: “Putt***** Mado*****”.

It was not the Yakhnich team day, today!!!

So, from a very good position, we was immediately rejected to the

There started a suffering race for Vladimir. Probably because of the crash, one front wheel sensor was not any more in his own position, and the electronic went in a “recovery” position: not the full power was any more avaliable. Then even in this case maybe due to the crash, the rear shock after some laps started to work softer and softer, obliging vladimir to ride on the rithm of 2’12”, while the leaders was riding in 2’10”... from the position little by little he was overtaken by other riders, and finished in the not suitable position.....

“Fukin****** bast*****”... or, if you prefer: “Putt***** Mado*****”.


“It was an hell.... At the first start, I was following the leader but in that braking I had lot of bumbing and I fall down. At the second start I was OK, and Sofouglu hitted me out! And from that moment started a very bad race! I really hope to be a little bit more lucky for the Moskow race next agoust!”.




We said Friday the home soil  would  be comfortable for the whole Yakhnich Team, and it really was! 


The Yakhnich Motorsport team is finished the 6 and 7 stages in CIV in Misano.