Storm of emotions over Moscow Raceway

Qualification of 8th round eni FIM World Superbike Championship in Supersport ended suddenly and quiet emotional for the championship leader Sam Lawes (Yakhnich Motorsport): together with Vladimir Leonov team mates will start tomorrow from 2nd and 3d, but pole was almost in the hands of brit.


Mamola is far ahead

First qualifying session of the 2nd round of “Cup of Nations” ended first day of 8th round of World Superbike racing weekend. Dakota Mamola from Yakhnich Motorsport took the lead by setting extremely fast lap time and left next rival, Maxim Kiselev, 2.482 sec behind. 


Moscow Raceway: A great start

eni FIM World Superbike Championship is back to Russia, at Moscow Raceway circuit, where just less then a year ago first in the history round of the world series was held, and Yakhnich Motorsport racer Vladimir Leonov stepped up on the podium with applause of tens of thousands compatriots and guests.


Fine arts lesson

There is a good tradition in eni FIM World Superbike Championship to organize on Thursdays some comic tests with national context for racers of the championship.


Home sweet home

To pass the test of fame could be much harder than to pass any other. Russian team Yakhnich Motorsport and its racers...


Dakota Mamola - new challenge!

Pilot Yakhnich Motorsport Dakota Mamola takes part on the second race of Cup of Nations in Moscow. Last year Dakota took the second place in this championship.


Yakhnich Motorsport: both riders on the podium!

7th round of the World Supersport in Imola was unforgettable! Both riders Yakhnich Motorsport team – Vladimir Leonov and Sam Lowes for the first time in the history of the team bathed each other in champagne on the podium.


STK600: Mamola -11

This weekend finished good and for another rider Yakhnich Motorsport team – Dakota Mamola, he represents the team in STK-600 class. 



Yakhnich Motorsport occupied the first line

The race of the 7th round of the World championship FIM World Supersport in Imola will be a special event in the history of Russian motorsport. Both riders Yakhnich Motorsport team qualified on the first starting line – Sam Lowes on the pole-position, Vladimir Leonov – on the third. It’s the best team result in the world championships since the beginning of Russian participation.


Results of the 1 Qualification WSS in Imola

Блистательно начала 7-й уикенд World Supersport в Имоле российская команда Yakhnich Motorsport: Сэм Лоус доминировал в ходе всего дня и завершил предварительную квалификацию, дважды улучшив действующий рекорд Enzo & Dino Ferrari.

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