The award ceremony: the top -class evening - the class photo album

The ceremony which took place in the Cinema “Kodak Cinema World” didn’t look like a strict official event. Of course, there were presenters, the podium and right words from the stage…But nevertheless the general atmosphere of the evening reminded more of the old friends’ meeting where it is possible to cry out jokes from the seats, to play pranks on the stage and take funny pictures. The heroes of the track were, of course,

подиум STK women

in the centre of attention: they were getting prizes, drinking champagne out of the cups and were signing their posters. And there is no doubt that the winners of the women event looked even more attractive against the men background at the award ceremony of The Russian MR Championship. The three best Russian women racers and of course all the other girls who had participated in the Championship added some note of charm and beauty to that extreme sport company: the podium just looked to advantage when the charming girls in short dresses and high-hilled shoes, with perfect make-up and beautiful hairstyle were climbing onto the podium to the famous hit “Pretty Woman”… The house became more liven up and the ovation was just deafening! The boldest spectators even asked the girls to walk on the stage once more in order to consolidate the effect. This humorous tone was being kept up all the evening: our sportswomen were rolling in compliments, were giving autographs, taking part in still photography and video-filming and were talking to the journalists. Nadja Yakhnich and Natalya Lubimova took occasion to meet all the guys-participants of the Russian Championship in order to present them New Year’s gifts prepared for them by “Yakhnich Motorsport”. This year the girls decided to realize an original idea, which was liked by everybody, - to present the sportsmen a so-called “Class Photo Album” – a collection of Russian racers’ child photos. One had to see how the pilots, friends of the team were enjoying the gifts!

Indeed, nobody is indifferent to the childhood theme. Our sportswomen said the following words about this project:
Классный альбом - подарок YMS всем гонщикам Чемпионата

Nadia Yakhnich:

“All of us were children once. The warmest recollections of our life are connected with our childhood. The smell of tyre, checked flag, adrenaline of the race, champagne on the podium – all this happened later… Everything began for all of us with Mother’s warm hands, a favourite toy and hated kasha, with funny rompers and bonnets, with our first photos… Nowadays we are strong sportsmen, reckless racers who are not afraid of crazy speed. But some time ago we were even afraid of the first camera flash. I think that looking through the album every our friend will feel something kind and dear. I wish you good recollections!”


Nataliya Lyubimova:

“It isn’t an ordinary photo album. It is our gratitude. Gratitude for being together and supporting each other. For being loved, appreciated and understood by our families, though sometimes we are so hard, nervous and inattentive. For being given a chance to share the warmth of our hearts with the others. Look at your child photos: who was by that baby who became a champion some years later? Those people were his nearest and dearest, the most loving and all-forgiving. And today they are giving us the most reliable support and help. We dedicate this project to our friends and beloved parents, who once took us to the photo studio and said: “Don’t be afraid, a bird will right fly out!”


We congratulate all the winners and participants of The Russian Championship on the successful completion of the season! We wish you to gain new victories! Happy New Year!


Photo by D.Tishenko




In December the world famous magazine Playboy with Nadia Yakhnich’s photo session and interview came out in Italy!

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