It is not woman’s affair?

Large-scale colourful material about “Yakhnich Motorsport” appeared in one of the most popular Runet resources connected with automobile- and motor-subjects  - in the site of the magazine “Za rulem” which audience exceeds 2 million people.

The videoblog of the famous journalist Alexander Dobin “Blogpost” was replenished with a one-hour conversation with Nadja Yakhnich and Natalya Lubimova and also with promo-video from the backstage of the YMS Calendar. In the pages of the blog Sasha Dobin didn’t hide his surprise and admiration for our sportswomen, and in addition to the very conversation he included some extensive paragraphs of his own impressions about the meeting with the best Russian motor-racers, who in their turn liked Sasha’s sense of humor and his fervent character and were satisfied with an interesting talk about women in motor-sport.
беседа с Александром Добиным

The journalist confessed that like many others he had thought about women driving cars and especially riding motorbikes quite stereotypically. That’s why his “Blogpost” is titled “Not woman’s affair”. But the talk with Nadja and Natasha changed his point of view completely: “I have never known anything about motor-sport well enough. But then I know a lot of jokes like: “vampires and motorcyclists don’t reflect in the rearview mirror”. And suddenly … very stylish ladies… the coolest Russian racers. I am still charmed by the girls. And not because of their beauty but because they have achieved high results in, to my mind, not woman’s affair”.

The complete text about Yakhnich Motorsport in Alexander Dobin’s blog (magazine “Za rulem”) can be read and the video-conversation with Nadja Yakhnich and Natalya Lubimova can be watched  here.



Congratulations on the Women’s Day, girls!!!

Yakhnich Motorsport with all its heart congratulates all the girls....

Press release YMS Junior Team

The first Russian Women MR team Yakhnich Motorsport is glad to inform about a qualitatively new stage in its junior subdivision development!