Free practice sessions, CIV 2

Yakhnich Motorsport, CIV 2011, Second stage: Monza 28 april – 1 may, Friday 29 aprili.

Monza is the fastest circuit of Europe, the most difficoult to approach without specific experience. Onestly, the Yakhnich Motorpsort Team was expecting to have very big difficoulties to express his potential in this “speed temple”. Especially looking to the very bad weather forecast, that was letting us expect to have very few dry session.
Luckely, on friday rain is not arrived, and  team could work with some “calm”. Very impressive to see Leonov Immediatly on the top ranking after a good set-up session of thursday. He gained the seventh position clearly in 1’52”215, even closing the gas in the last corner of the best lap to avoid a crash rider!

Владимир Леонов №65

Something better can be done tomorrow for official qualifying... and so, the week-end that should have ben the worst in all season, seems to start as better then possibile!

Сергей Власов

Same situation for Sergey Vlasov. He crashed after four laps on thuerday, so he lost one session, but in the remaining two team gived him the possibility to improve and train in the right direction. He was really seak during the night beetween thuersday and friday (we brought him to hospital to check his condition because of high tempetarure and stomach problems.

Nevertheless, today he jumped immediatly in the fastes group, with the astonishing 1’55”5, thet gived him the solid starting poin of the absolutely position in the Group A of yamaha R6 Trophy... Stay connected, as our riders seem to have a good mood for tomorrow qualifications.

The only question mark will be eather. In this moment weather forecast promise rain, and this can change many cards on the table...



Qualifying session one, CIV

Lot of emotions for yakhnich Team in the first qualifying sessions of Leonov and Vlasov.

Happy birthday!

“Yakhnich Motorsport” congratulates Vladimir Leonov on his Birthday!