Qualifying session two, CIV, Round 2

Yakhnich Motorsport, CIV 2011, Second stage: Monza 28 april – 1 may, Saturday 30 april.

Fifth place in grid in Monza... ahead of many of the protagonist of first race in Misano. The qualifying in the most difficoult circuit of the CIV 2011 for the Rockye” Yakhnich Team was overtaken in the best way: at full gas! Yes, the good mood that we was having from thuersday was translated by Vladinir Leonov  and team in a very positive result. Vladimir is in the five, and he lost the first row for just 5 cents of second!Now an exiting race is waiting the Yakhnich team tomorrow. Here we are, ready to have lot of fun tomorrow!

Владимир Леонов

Not same lucky for Sergey Vlasov. Fightihn by three days with a very bad stomach condition, Sergey had even a disappoiting desqualification for his results in first qualyfing. Technical mistake of the team was paied with the deleting of his times in the mornig, so he started from zero in second qualyfing, with the terrible possibility to loos group A place because of the incoming rain. Fortunatly  the weather allowed him to do some laps on dry circuit in the second qualyfing, and even if he was not able to use the bike as usual because of health condition, fixed a good 1’55”753 that is the 20.th position in second qualyfing and 27.th piosition in the grid...Ok, in Monza tomorrow we will see another “Vlasov braking Festival” that for sure will allow him to have another exiting race to conquer the position he is able to be in!




Successful race of «Yakhnich Motorsport» on the most difficult track of the CIV

A great standing ovation was eared in Monza Pit lane caming from box number 55 at the start of Stock 600 Race and for 7 laps the only rumors you could only ear the full gas 16.000 rpm of the yaknich motorsport Yamaha R6  leading the group, and the appaudshment camig every lap, every corner, every braking from the box number 55.

Qualifying session one, CIV

Lot of emotions for yakhnich Team in the first qualifying sessions of Leonov and Vlasov.