Holidays of the team YAKHNICH MOTORSPORT

As it is known, August is a holiday season but the pilots of “Yakhnich Motorsport” are having quite peculiar rest…

Владимир Леонов

Vladimir Leonov who is striving for getting the title in the Italian Championship CIV on the threshold of its two final stages is training hard and not only on the tracks. His cross-bike trainings on which he had started his sport career were intensified in August. Besides his bicycle and motorcycle trainings Vladimir is working actively in the gym under a fitness program. Unfortunately, due to some changes in the sport calendar of the Russian pilot, he won’t be able to take part in the master-class for Yamaha R-Cup 2011 participants. The second half of the last summer month will be spent on Italian tracks which will become a very important step of the YMS pilot’s training for the last but one stage of the Italian Championship (STOCK 600) in Vallelunga.

Наталия Любимова

Natalia Luybimova’s holidays are filled with million organizational questions. As the team’s director she is responsible for extremely complex logistics of the whole team which is constantly moving between Russia, Italy and the whole Europe. In August her workload is going to rise manyfold because of making the new season schedule, in this connection it is necessary to take into consideration a great number of different nuances and try to allot some free time for unexpected events.

Максим Киселев

Maxim Kiselev is spending his holidays in Russia on the tracks “Myachkovo” and “Canyon” where the leader of the Russian Cup in road-racing (Superbike) is leaking his skills into shape preparing to win the title of 2011. On 21 May Maxim is to start in two runs of the third stage of the national competition which takes place on a new track in Kazan. On coming back to Moscow the racer will give lessons on sport piloting and tell about setting-up principles of two-wheeled vehicles in the frames of training program for the first stage of Yamaha R-Cup.

Надя Яхнич

Nadezhda Yakhnich’s holidays are full of events: participation in filming of several programs for the channel “Russia2”, professional view of motor-racing and exchange of views in the studio on the channel “Auto Plus” in the frames of the MotoGP stage in Brno translation, photo-sessions, interviews…

Besides participation in the active media life of the team Nadezhda is working hard in the gym and training for the Women Italian Championship at the end of August.

Сергей Власов

Injured at the July stage of the Italian Championship Sergey Vlasov has got some weeks of forced rest. After medical examination he was “prescribed” rest followed by the course of rehabilitation and a special program of physical exercise for promotion of health. In September Sergey is going to continue active training on the tracks of Italy which are necessary for completing the season of the YMS pilot on an optimistic note. At the end of August together with Maxim Kyselev Sergey Vlasov is going to share his experience with entry-level pilots of the new Russian competition Yamaha-R-Cup, the first stage of which takes place on the new track situated in “Tushino” on 27 August.



The YMS Junior Team pilots are the leaders of Stage II of the Finnish Championship

В начале августа юниорская команда «Яхнич Моторспорт» приняла участие во втором этапе Чемпионата Финляндии по минимото на трассе Иматра.

Father – Yakhnich!

Your big united family – the team “Yakhnich Motorsport” with all its generous and numerous motorsport Russian-Italian heart congratulates you on your Birthday!