The team Yakhnich Motorsport publishes a calendar 

On the threshold of the New Year’s Day and Christmas the team Yakhnich Motorsport presents the result of its creative idea which was embodied in unusually made calendar 2012.

Friends and fans of Yakhnich Motorsport remember that in 2010 the team had the first experience of this kind, working with the cameraman Mikhail Kharlamov. Then, the heroines of the stylish calendar weren’t only the lady-pilots of “Yaknich Motorsport” Nataliya Lyubimova and Nadia Yakhnich, but all the girls – participants of the Russian Road Racing Championship. The embodiment of the creative idea was helped by such artists as Yulia Kalmanovich – a designer, Olga Rubets – a popular hairstylist, Vlasta – a stylist of clothes.

Three ideas for the calendar Yakhnich Motorsport 2012 were offered by a well-known photographer Andrey Razumovsky. The members of the team chose one, the most unusual and interesting, in their opinion.

The pilot of “Yakhnich Motorsport” Nadia Yakhnich: “It was a tornado of unforgettable impressions. Last time, when we were making the calendar 2010, we had almost an all-girl party and this time the whole team “Yakhnich Motorsport” took part in the project. Many hours long photo-session under complex conditions presented extraordinary emotional experience and gave a chance to learn my team-mates better”.

The opportunity to work with interesting creative people is always a treatment for me. Every time it becomes a discovery, you deal with unusual vision of the situation, creative decisions which I could never think of in spite of my strong desire to piece sport and beauty together. Every time after realization of such projects you see the world of motorsport in new unexpected light” – says Nataliya Lyubimova the team-manager of “Yakhnich motorsport”.

Involvement of different photo-artists and making of such calendars are becoming a good tradition. At present moment, after immersion into the creative process, the team isn’t ready to announce next projects, but their primordial ideas are definitely crowding in heads of “Yakhnich Motorsport” members and they expect next shows to be even more impressive!
The team “Yakhnich Motorsport” thanks all the participants of the project “Yakhnich Motorsport Calendar 2012” for unforgettable experience and extremely interesting companionship.
We are happy to congratulate all our friends, fans and partners and wish them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Календарь 2010

Январь. Надя Яхнич Февраль. Таня Семенова Март. Надя Яхнич
Апрель. Надя Яхнич Май. Светлана Матюшкина Июнь. Наташа Любимова
Июль. Екатерина Руцкова Август. Светлана Матюшкина Сентябрь. Наташа Любимова
Октябрь. Татьяна Семенова Ноябрь. Екатерина Руцкова Декабрь. Надя Яхнич


Presentation of Yakhnich Motorsport Calendar 2012

Presentation of Yakhnich Motorsport (YMS) team calendar 2012 took place in Tony restaurant on December 19th.  

Nataliya Lyubimova on Megapolis

On Friday, 18 November, one week before the presentation of the first in history Russian stage of World Superbike, the team-manager of “Yakhnich Motorsport” Natalya Lubimova became a guest of a live program “Sport in Megalopolis” on “Megalipolis 89.5FM” station.