The beautiful point of the season! The competitions of the MFR Cup are over

The tough rivalry and intrigue continued till the final fifth stage of the Cup: nobody knew for sure who would become the champion in STK-600 and STK-Women, so the race week-end wasn’t easy but dramatic and memorable. The mass fall took place at the morning practice on the track, but the pilots of YMS were lucky to avoid it. The qualification was difficult for all the racers too because of the disrupted session engendered by two pilots’ fall. Nevertheless the qualification resulted as follows: Sergey Vlasov- 1, Natalya Lubimova- 3, Nadya Yakhnich-8. The audience looked forward to the thrilling fight for the champion’s title.

стартовая решетка STK 600 + STKW

According to the results of the last race all the pilots YMS became the prize-winners! Sergey Vlasov was able to prove his title -“the main sensation of the season”: even his serious fall at the practice at the beginning of the week and strong concussion hadn’t prevented him to come back on the track as a hundred-per-cent leader. Vlasov finished first in STK-600 and to many sceptics’ great surprise Natalya Lubimova took bronze in this class! Besides that the pilots YMS Lubimova and Yakhnich took the 1st and the 3rd places in STK-women.

Яхнич, Любимова

The Russian Competitions for our team are over this season. According to the results of 5 stages Nadya Yakhnich is the silver prize-winner of the MFR Cup in STK-women. Besides that Nadya and Natasha took the respectable 4th and 5th places in STK-600 having left strong man-racers behind. And, of course, the gold of Sergey Vlasov who is going to defend the colors of Yakhnich Motorsport next season is the special reason for pride!

Nataliya Lyubimova: “I am quite satisfied with the results of the season tough it was difficult for our team. My injuries at the beginning of the season prevented me from participation in two stages and I had to spend much time on recovery. It wasn’t easy to come back, the competition has become more serious, the races have become more difficult and interesting and I am very pleased that at the final stage I was able to hit my stride after such a difficult period! I am extremely happy for my team-mate Nadaya Yakhnich! She has overcome everything: injuries, psychological pressing and the heat of the struggle – she is a heroine! And what is the most important – she was able to prove that she is a worthy racer and one of the most serious rivals! And we are very proud of Sergey Vlasov: the first season and the champion’s title at once! He is a real star of the season!”


Подиум STK women

Nadya Yakhnich: “I cannot say that I am quite satisfied with the results of the final race. I lingered at the start and had to spend some time and expend my energies on overtaking and it wasn’t easy to catch up with the girls because we were riding at the same speed. So, by the end of the race I had got very tired and finally yielded the 3rd place in STK-600 to Vlad Miroshin. Nevertheless I recorded excellent time. And I am very happy for Natasha: she was able to recover after her serious injury and win the 5th stage reminding all her ill-wishers what a racer Natalya Lubimova is! Sergey Vlasov did well too and proved to be a strong racer. So in the new season we are to have intensive practice and interesting struggle again! I am ready for the serious work, I am conscious of all my mistakes and realize what I must work at. And the fact that I haven’t got gold in the women event this season is a great stimulus for me – I have what to fight for next season!”

Надежда Яхнич

Sergey Vlasov: “I don’t know what the first season in the career must be like but mine went the best way possible. And every next day was always better than the previous one, so that was what caused the constant improving of my skills. 3 victories in the first 3 races gave me enormous supply of energy and confidence. And what is the most important it gave me the faith! Faith in myself and my abilities!

But the most important event of this season for me is the invitation to the professional racing team “Yakhnich Motorsport”, which, in its turn, has made my attitude towards motorsport and everything connected with it more deliberate and mature. I felt the moral value of many moments and that gave me the necessary freedom and relaxedness every racer needs to be successful.

I am very happy to work with my team-mates Nadezhda Yakhnich and Natalya Lubimova, the telemetry specialists Andrew Taube, Max Kiselev, the mechanics Artur Korobkin and Slava Marmazov, the PR-manager Alina Usmanova. At first it may seem that so different characters and temperaments cannot co-exist in the same team but in fact it is what makes the team a single whole. The President Alexander Yakhnich manages to keep up this integrity, this good organization, this spirit which guarantees the success in future seasons!"

Сергей Власов - 1 место



Natalya Lubimova has come back from the 5th stage of Trofeo Amatori

The training sessions and the very races were remarkable for the weather caprices.

The juniors Yakhnich Motorsport win in International Competitions!

After successful performance in Russian races the pilots of Yakhnich Motorsport Junior Team were to represent Russia in the prestigious International competitions – the final stage of the Open Championship of Finland in mini-moto held in Imatra.