Debut of David Leonov in Yamaha R125 Cup Trophy

The week-end of 27-29 may signed even the beginnig of the season for David Leonov, at his first impact among the young italian riders fighting in the Yamaha R125 Cup Trophy. All was new for David: circuit, bike, ambient... even an experienced rider could have been destroyed by a simiar impact, but David little by little entered the group, entered the feeling of the trophy, and started to learn some of the million things he needs to became a rider.

Давид Леонов

First of all, he was able to made many new friends even without talking one world in italian. That’s the magigian of the youthness... And the magician of a championship, organized by yamaha Italy in collaboration with Scuola Federale Corsetti, in which all riders are brother, sisters and friends before and after fighting very hard in the track.

David started with the right way: followed by instructors, first learned the circuit lines, then entered the qualyfing without being the last, as all of us could expect, by the fact that all other riders are already using this bike by three monts!1’12” his best time in firrst qualyfing, 1’11” in second, and same best time in the race-1 and race-2 fighting, in which he closed“Not bad”, as his brother Vladimir would have sayd!

старт 2 этапа



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