The YMS Junior Team pilots are the leaders of Stage II of the Finnish Championship

YMS Junior team

At the end of July the junior team “Yakhnich Motorsport” took part in the second stage of the Finnish Championship in minimoto on the track “Imatra”. Ivan Lukin – a young racer of the Russian team, who had “returned to the ranks” after his injury, hadn’t recovered completely and had to perform on pain killers. However, together with Nika Kletsky, he was able to sustain a competition against his strongest rivals in the frames of the Championship. Besides the pilots of the first team, two representatives of the YMS Racing School made their debut in the competition: they were the oldest Anton Mochalov and the youngest seven-year-old Danila Loshkarev.

The lineup of the competition was uncommonly strong: besides constant participants and the leaders of the Championship, some young pilots – participants of the Finnish and European home Championships in GP 125 and Superbike had come to race in Imatra. No wonder that the qualification results turned out to be very tight: the first six pilots finished within 0.1 second. Ivan Lukin made the third and Nika Kletsky the fifth time.

start grid

Both runs of the racing weekend went off in hot rivalry – over the distance the leaders changed their positions overtaking each other in every lap. In both races Lukin finished right after the leader but in the second run his second position had to be proved with a help of photo-finish – he had been less than 0.01 second faster than his ‘persecutor”! Nika Kletsky recorded perfect time having finished sixth in the overall standings and second in her class having retained leadership in the junior standings of the Championship!

финиш Ивана Лукина

The young talents of the YMS Racing School made an excellent showing: Anton Mochalov had been fighting against more experienced pilots on more high-powered vehicles, and having made no mistakes and recorded stably fast lap-time he rounded out the top ten on the finish.

Small Danila Loshkarev had taken dashing pace since his first training and as a result in the race he made time of the leaders of the children’s competition at once. The organizers impressed by the age of our junior decided to announce him in the individual class and reward him according to his deserts with the first place Cup! Standing on the podium Danila got a big hand!

Данила Лошкарев

At the end of August YMSJT is taking tests in Finland and going to the next stage of the Russian Cup in minimoto which takes place at the updated autodrome “Leader”, Moscow area, on 28 August 2011.

Команда после гонки



Double podium of the team YMS on the track “Canyon”

The third stage of the Russian Cup in road-racing took place on the newest track “Canyon” which is situated not far from Kazan

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