Vlasov in top-5 of Yamaha R6-Cup!

Сергей Власов

Yamaha R6 Cup race

Claudio Corsetti ordered to Sergey to don’t crash in the first lap, and to “Study the situation and the competitors for at least 5 laps, then — he sayd to Sergey — push as much as possibile and finish the race. You MUST do like that”.

“OK”, answered Sergey, and that he did. Starting from second row (best result of the year in qualyfing), he lost some position in the first lap... 8.th, 9.th, 10.th... Just some months ago, or even some weeks ago, to came back immediatly in the lost positions he would have finished to crash... for sure. But not today.. he stayed quiet, lost position up to the 12,th. He was calm and quiet, and from third lap started to overtake, overtake overtake and go, overtake and go... safe, quick and sure, like when in Campagnano corner, in one braking overtook two riders from outside... wonderful Sergey, but, please, don’t do it any more today...

He didn’t, but continuned to push at the same rithm of the leader group, apart the first three. That’s why, overtake after overtaken (only one rider crashed ahead of Sergey) and fighting with D’Andrea for many laps he took the fifth place under the checkered flag! Yes Sergey, go on like that... podium is not so far now. Do you see it?



Maxim Kyselev’s Final Show

On 11-12 September on the track “Nizhegorodskoye Koltso” the final stage of the Russian Road Racing Championship 2011 took place.

Leonov won in Vallelunga

VladimirLeonov wonthe racefor the third time inseasonandnowby all meanstry towin thetitleat the last stagein October.