Leonov leaves Donington

Владимир Леонов

World Supersport Championship

Round 5

Donington 11-13 May 2012

Saturday 12 may

One lap. No more than one lap on Saturday free practice, and the Vladimir Leonov fifth stage of WSS is finished. He entered the circuit with a good smile. Yesterday practice was good, and instead of the stone that broken the radiator and obliged him to stai in the box for more than 20 minutes, in only three fast laps he signed a promising 10.th position. During the night mechanics prepared the bike to fits his request even better, and a significantly better performance was possible for Vladimir and Yakhnich Motorsport Yamaha R6.

But for some reasons destiny decided it wasn’t our week-end. Vladimir entered the circuit, made is flying lap, and just when he was starting the first full lap, at corner 3, suddently he loose the rear tyre and a terrible high side was the end of his week-end.

Corner three, the Craner Curves, is one of the fastest of the circuit. 200 km/h in fourth gear, left hand corner after other two fast right corners. IN this part of the circuit yesterday Leonov was among the fasters riders, very safe and fluent riding...

Today in the first lap he entered much slower than yesterday fast laps, and tyre temperature, asphalt temperature and general conditions was absolutely the same.

What happened? It happened that just some seconds before Vladimir arrived in that corner, the official showed the black/orange flag to number 38, Nemeth, for technical problems. 99% Vladimir loose the grip on some oil or water lost by the Toth Racing team Honda. 

With the accident Vladimir suffered a double fracture in the left malleolus, left and right side.

It was immediately treated in the medical center and then in Clinica Mobile. Doctors says we have good possibilities to have him on the grid at Misano, next WSS race, the 10.th of june, if rest and reabilitation will work in the right direction.


“I entered the corner much slower than usual, without any risk. I loose suddently the grip from rear tyre, but it was not a standard sliding because of the tyre grip. I’m sure there where something on the asphalt. I’m so sorry to jump this race, everything was going in the right direction, and we could obtain even here a good result! Now I must stay 20 days without walking, than 1 week of reabilitation just before the Misano race”.







Vladimir Leonov

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Again  the bad weather. The 2012 WSS championship seems a “winter championship” up to this moment.