Leonov in Top in the morning warm up

Yes, the bike setting is good... We saw immediately in the first laps on the rain in sunday morning during warm-up... Vladimir Leonov, using his well know ability on the wet, astonished immediately all competitors setting a rithm 2-3 second faster than all the others in the first laps of the warm up. 

Yes, Lowes has a faster lap than him, but the england rider obtained his 2’17”955 only in the end of the session, while Vladimir was overtaking many riders doing the same a rithm of 2’18”...

Infact, if you look to the ideal time, the best performance is from the Yakhnich Motorsport rider, with the time of 2’17”705, more than half a second faster than his real time (2’18”246) obtained into the traffic.

Yes, if the race will be on wet, we are not in bad conditions...

Владимир Леонов



Leonov 10th in Brno

As the Friday and Saturday practice told us, Brno it was the “re-borning” race for Vladimir Leonov. The physical and mental conditions going better and better was the base on which we builted a good race performances and results.

World Supersport Championship

A quite renewed Vladimir attempt at the 8.th stage of WSS. After the terrible accident in Donington, and after the big difficoulties he had in Aragon to ride properly due to the injuers, other two week of rest gived him to possibilities to recover most of his energies.