Fine art lesson

During one week till 1 October on Ebay You will have a chance to buy original souvenir plate painted by riders of the World Superbike Championship.


Rules of big game

Races of the 8th round of World Superbike Championship (Supersport and 2nd stage of Superbike) were officially stopped and then cancelled due to the tragic incident that happened at the very beginning of WSS race, resulting in interrupted life of Italian motorsport rising star Andrea Antonelli.


Storm of emotions over Moscow Raceway

Qualification of 8th round eni FIM World Superbike Championship in Supersport ended suddenly and quiet emotional for the championship leader Sam Lawes (Yakhnich Motorsport): together with Vladimir Leonov team mates will start tomorrow from 2nd and 3d, but pole was almost in the hands of brit.


Fine arts lesson

There is a good tradition in eni FIM World Superbike Championship to organize on Thursdays some comic tests with national context for racers of the championship.


Home sweet home

To pass the test of fame could be much harder than to pass any other. Russian team Yakhnich Motorsport and its racers...


Dakota Mamola - new challenge!

Pilot Yakhnich Motorsport Dakota Mamola takes part on the second race of Cup of Nations in Moscow. Last year Dakota took the second place in this championship.



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