«Yakhnich Motorsport» against «RivaMoto»: fight of the giants

The second competition of the International “RivaMoto Chair Race”Championship took place in Pesaro (Italy)in the middle of October. We remind that the first race was held in Mugello circuit in the frames of the fifth competition of the Italian Championship – in spare from the main race time. As the hosts of the Italian Championship hadn’t managed to provide the main track for the Chair race the participants had to compete right in the boxes. Astonished at that exciting competition the Italian sportsmen immediately decided to apply for the race but the management of RivaMoto made a decision to admit only Russian pilots.

Indubitable success of the first race made the organizers extend the list of participants. As a result several applications for the second race were immediately handed in: the pilots of “Yakhnich Motorsport” Nadja Yakhnich and Natasha Lubimova joined in the fierce struggle. The honour of Spain was defended by Manuel Khernandes – a repeated participant of Moto GP competitions (125 and 250), a repeated winner of the Spanish National Championship. Due to his participation the championship “Chair race” got a new status – now it can by right be considered international. Though, of course, the number of Russian racers was much bigger: in the second competition our country was represented by Konstantin Zotov, Igor Zabaluev, Vasiliy Drochnev, Vladimir Ivanov and the sportswomen “Yakhnich Motorsport”.

As it was our girls’ debut in the Championship “Chair race” they were given master-class by the repeated champion of Russia Vladimir Ivanov. He showed them a circuit which was founded right in the box of “RivaMoto”, told about the peculiarities of racing on the track and, of course, those invaluable skills were applied by Nadja and Natasha in the race. In the training race already Nadja recorded excellent competitive time. On the whole the results of Yakhnich and Lubimova in the second competition were really impressive: our girls took the 1st and the 2nd places! But beginning from the end.

What about the real leaders of the competition we can say that in the first race Vasiliy Drochnev was faster than the others, but in the second competition he lost two positions and finally got bronze. Igor Zabaluev’s performance was very stable, he was the runner-up in both competitions. And Konstantin Zotov was the only one who was able to make a sport breakthrough having won two positions and the second place in the race in general. The leader of Moto GP Khernandes and the Russian champion Ivanov (they both are used to standing on the podium) this time were fighting for the 4th position. The struggle was violent! They took the lead in turns. And finally the more highly skilled Russian sportsman was able to win back the 4th place in the second competition.

The results, in fact, were not surprising. The top positions were taken by more experienced sportsmen who had found their own style of piloting and had got their own professional skill secrets. Besides that we should take into consideration the fact that all the participants performed on the technical equipment provided exactly by “RivaMoto”. The debutants of the championship have to be satisfied with the last positions for the time being.

After the results had been announced all the participants went to the after-party. It was decided to have a democratic picnic with hot-dogs instead of going to some Italian glamorous club. The prizes are being kept in secret by the organizers. A new round of the violent struggle is expected in the third competition of the Championship. It is planned to hold it in Spain but the date remains still open. Follow the releases of the team! You can take part in the Championship too: send your applications to this address: info@yakhnichmotorsport.ru. Video materials are available in our web-site.

Results of the “RivaMoto Chair Race” Championship:


Mugello, stage I

Pesaro, stage II





Drochnev V.

(6:47)  4

(8:06)     6




Zabaluev I.

(6:64)  3

(8:03)     8




Zotov K.

(6:78)  2

(7:72)    10




Ivanov v.

(7:06)  1

(8:43)     5




Hernandez M.


(8:88)     4




Yakhnich N.


(9:45)     3




Lyubimova N.


(10:11)   2




Historical Reference:

“RivaMoto Chair Race” is the championship in one of the youngest and we may say author’s kind of sport. It was worked out by the team “RivaMoto” during their performance in Mugello. Initially the team’s mechanics invented “chair-racing” to have fun in the work breaks. Then this funny entertainment turned into a real serious international championship characterized by desperate fighting. The rules are quite simple: the track is made of tyre casings which are put on the floor in a box. The participants are to cover the distance as soon as possible, using mechanics’ chairs on wheels.

Videoreport you can see here.



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