YMS President’s address

Александр Яхнич

Alexander Yakhnich:

“Finishing the Russian season I would like to mention that we have taken a step forward to full-fledged formation of our team. Actually this season we have managed to take part in 4 championships – we performed in 2 classes of the Russian Cup and in 2 Italian competitions – the Italian Women Championship and Trofeo Amatori. You have to hand it to the courage and devotion of our pilots, mechanics and engineers both in Russia and Italy! We have achieved a new level in terms of our racing skills and from the technical point of view and it yielded good results especially at the MFR stage in Brno: this race revealed what we must strive for – the absolute lead in the women event and a high place in the men one. It is an ideal result we must align ourselves with.

In terms of the Russian competition it should be noted that all its stages were permeated with the tough rivalry and it is great! The level of the Championship has improved considerably and it stimulates the development of our team as well as Russian motorsport in general. Interestingly enough, the women-pilots do perfectly well in this struggle because the leaders of the women event are at the same time prize-winners of the men competition STK-600! Well done!

I am also pleased to note successful development of our junior racing school and “Yakhnich Motorsport Junior Team”. This development has resulted in the champion’s title of the YMJT pilot Nika Cletsky in the mini-moto class. For our team this victory is one of the happiest events of this season and makes us believe that junior motorsport in our country will continue its successful development!

We are not going to stop at what has been accomplished and for the next season we have ambitious plans to fit with the international level. We are making the team of like-minded people consisting of strong racers, engineers, mechanics and managers in order to fulfill ourselves maximally well in the championships we will choose next year. We are building an efficient system in order our team could be a real example for those young pilots who come into this sport. We do our best to make it as interesting as possible and want Russian motorsport to develop in the right direction giving the way to new talented racers."



Happy Birthday to You, Natasha Lyubimova!

The team “Yakhnich Motorsport” congratulates its charming pilot Natasha Lyubimova on her Birthday!

The beautiful point of the season! The competitions of the MFR Cup are over.

The tough rivalry and intrigue continued till the final fifth stage of the Cup: nobody knew for sure who would become the champion in STK-600 and STK-Women, so the race week-end wasn’t easy but dramatic and memorable.