Jules Cluzel

Жуль Клюзель

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Date of birth 12.10.1988
Birth place Montluçon, France
Height 168
Weight 60
Hobby Traveling, training, watching films, motorsport video games
Favorite circuit Moscow Raceway, Silverstone, Qatar, Malaysia
Best race MotoGP Qatar 2009
Worst race -
Idol in motorsport Casey Stoner, McGuinness
Book/Film Science fiction
Dish Many dishes


Started his career in motorsport only in 15 years and next year he won his first victory. In the end he took the third place in the French Championship Junior Cup. From 2006 till 2011 he took part in Moto GP in 125cc/250cc/Moto2 (he won the race in Silverstone in 2010). In 2012 he became the vice-champion in the Supersport classe in the Superbike World Championship (8 podiums, 4 wins). From 2014 he presents yje team Yakhnich Motorsport.


  • 2013, 10th place in the world Champion of Superbike
  • 2012, 2d place in the world Champion of Supersport
  • 2011, 20th place in Moto2 world Championship
  • 2010, 7th place in Moto2 world Championship
  • 2009, 12th place in 250cc world Championship
  • 2008, took part in 125cc World Championship
  • 2007, 21st place in 250cc World Championship
  • 2006, 20th place in 250cc World Championship 
  • 2005, 2d place in the French Champion in 125 cc
  • 2004, 3d place in French Championship Junior Cup