Maxim Kiselev

Максим Киселев

Maxim was born in Mytishchi near Moscow and in childhood went actively in for sport: swimming, biathlon, a little boxing and finally cross-country motorcycling – since 15. Though he started riding earlier – when he was only seven. Maxim’s grandfather (traffic policeman) allowed him to ride his “Ural” with a sidecar. Very soon Maxim could afford going to school on the bike. Being a child he wished to become a pilot or a policeman: he decided between professions of his two grandfathers. Finally he devoted his life to motorsport.

The highest title in his career is the Champion of Russia and bronze prize-winner of the Eastern Europe Championship 2001.

His favorite track is Mugello. When asked about his “idol-racer” he answers: “I am my own idol!” Motorsport according to Maxim’s confession is his whole life. His hobbies are wind-surfing and karate.

If there were not motorsport Maxim “would find what to do but not so willingly”.


- Champion of The Eastern Europe Cup 2001, SBK

- Champion of Russia of 2002, Superbike.

    Blitz-Interview for Maxim Kiselev

    To work with girls-racers is … genes! I learnt not long ago that my grandfather-pilot had been a commander of the reconnaissance-squadron ”Night witches” and led girls too))

    The most important thing in karate …is concentration and ability to get geared up and relaxed at the same time.

    A man is a real man only when … his beloved woman is by his side…

    In people I dislike most of all … lie and treachery. The rest is normal.

    The best about the victory is … one meter from the finishing line. It is impossible to explain the taste of the victory, one must feel this euphoria!

    In 20 years … everything will be different and I don’t even want to think about it.

    The most delicious thing in the world is … “Pancho” cake, do you know it?))