Successful race of «Yakhnich Motorsport» on the most difficult track of the CIV

A great standing ovation was eared in Monza Pit lane caming from box number 55 at the start of Stock 600 Race and for 7 laps the only rumors you could only ear the full gas 16.000 rpm of the yaknich motorsport Yamaha R6  leading the group, and the appaudshment camig every lap, every corner, every braking from the box number 55.


Qualifying session two, CIV, Round 2

Fifth place in grid in Monza... ahead of many of the protagonist of first race in Misano. The qualifying in the most difficoult circuit of the CIV 2011 for the Rockye” Yakhnich Team was overtaken in the best way: at full gas!


Qualifying session one, CIV

Lot of emotions for yakhnich Team in the first qualifying sessions of Leonov and Vlasov.


Free practice sessions, CIV 2

Monza is the fastest circuit of Europe, the most difficoult to approach without specific experience. Onestly, the Yakhnich Motorpsort Team was expecting to have very big difficoulties to express his potential in this “speed temple”.



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